Final Grand Prix of the season before big changes in 2014

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  • Simon

    I have to say, I don't think the last couple of years have been that good for the spectacle of F1. There have been quite a few good races and moments but Red Bull and Vettel winning all the time ... well, it get's a bit boring.

    Tomorrow is the last Grand Prix of 2013 in Brazil before major changes to the cars for 2014. Back to turbo engines (but tiny 1.6 litre ones!) and much more focus on efficiency and energy recovery. Hopefully it will shake things up as I think it's needed.

    I dont' begrudge Vettel winning - he is awesome and his domination of the sport IMO is more of an achievement than Shaumachers - we've seen how critical tires are now and for all those years Schumy was allowed to have his own specially made ones that no one else got. Not exectly fair.

    Hopefully the tire wear won't be quite as dramatic next season. I understoon the intent of making people pit and have more potential overtaking but it ended up seeing who could drive most carefully and conserve their tread ... racing is supposed to be all about who can go fastest!

    I'm also hoping that McLarren get their act together and can start challenging for the podium again.

    So, last chance for my F1 fix for a while.

  • cofty

    Its true that F1 has become dull.

    I watched the film "Rush" a few weeks ago. The sport must never go back to those years of indifference to driver safety but it was the greatest spectacle of pure competition.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Dull is the word. Only wet races offer mcuh excitement these days. Hopefully next year will be better.

  • Simon

    Watch the Senna documentary. Very moving.

  • MaxTan

    Watch also Grand Prix (1966). Available on Bittorrent near you.

  • Kensei01

    Simon: Senna was amazing and that documentary is terrific. I too hope the changes are good for next season. Vettel is winning too much, and I really feel bad for Mark Webber, a great talent and great ambassador for the sport. I remember when he debuted for Minardi way back lol, in Brazil I believe. Now he is retiring. Oh well. Here's to a great next season.

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