Sept 15 Study Watchtower page 25 par 12. "According to one study"

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  • jonahstourguide

    For those who may be interested and wondering from where the " According to one study over

    forty percent..usw...." information is sourced. Its lifted from Charles Duhigg's 2012 book "A Power Of Habit"

    He there makes reference to a study paper published in 2006 by the Duke University.

    The paper, entitled " Habits--- A Repeat Performance" actually states that "approximately 45% ..usw......)

    Actually I found it an interesting read. The paper also appeared in " CURRENT DIRECTIONS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE"

    Vol 15 no 4 pages 198 through 202.

  • jgnat

    Great catch!

  • jgnat

    Habits—A Repeat Performance

    1. David T. Neal ,

    2. Wendy Wood and

    3. Jeffrey M. Quin

    Interesting. I'm trying to change some ingrained habits right now. An illustration I came across is the concept of the elephant and the rider. The elephant is our unconscious, which takes care of thoughtless habits I would imagine, and the rider is our rational, conscious mind. If the elephant is unhappy or frightened, how in control can our rider be?

    A new ted talk speaks about our working memory. That utility that allows us to take care of stuff right now that can't be managed by habit!

    Just free-associating right here. Think about how the Witness is habituated to submit to elder leadership. An exiting Witness may submit as soon as a stern elder swoops down on them. Or blurt out a confession. Or run away. Or have a panic attack. Or show up for the Judicial Committee meeting, when every bone is telling them it's rigged.

    I know there are a few articles a year reminding the reader that the elders are kindly there for their instruction and edification and they are to be honored for the hard work that they do.

  • jonahstourguide

    Thank you for those links jgnat, love the rider and the elephant analogy. Enjoyed the links.

    I have this little being in my head that wakes up and says "oh? really?... where's the data?"

    (although lately my little being isn't getting much sleep !)

    Makes me a bit of a doubting Thomas but I think its helping me to form a happier

    relationship with my elephant !!! lol

    I agree with your "habituation to submission" comment as I am since recent times "back in"

    and I see the process in action around me but I reckon those reminder articles that

    I guess are part of the submission process, are subliminally directed at the elders

    as it may well be recognised the reality of that "kindly care" often goes missing in action.

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