Just one story of how this religion treats people.

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  • Crazyguy

    This is a story about an old friend many years ago a girl about 18 that was in her last year of highschool when one of the boys in her school took a liking to her. Knowing she was a JW and probably told by her that she wouldnt date him because of this he feigned interest in the truth. He started a bible study with one of the brothers in the hall and of course was on her like white on rice.

    She being shy did not have the resolve to tell him to get lost big time, she did many times but he would not give up, not to mention that since he was interested in the "truth" and studying she was told to be nice to him. He would hang out and show up all the time and make sure he was there when ever there was a gathering of her and her friends. Always at her home after school etc. and just would not take a hit or and out right "get away".

    She was being raised only by her mom whom also was somewhat damir and she was dating someone so not around much, being their for her daughter. Eventually the boy (18) date raped the girl and she became pregnant. Being shy and ashamed she did not go immediately to the elders in her hall, infact she waited almost 4 months when it was becoming obvious that something was growing in her. Upon telling the elders what happened, did they show compassion, offer to help in anyway they could since she was about to be a single mother? No they Dis-fellowshiped her most likley because they felt miffed that she did not come to them right away. In the end I and my wife took her in to our home for a while and helped her the best we could since no one from her hall would have anything to do with her.

    Its such a wonderful Organization that dis-fellowships and then shuns a young Girl that was raped, I'm sure Jesus is proud of the love they have for one another.

    If you have story or experience please share.

  • EndofMysteries

    It warms my heart to see such a loving story and how great it is to be under the wings of the loving faithful and discreet slave (Matt 24:45). How could anybody possibly doubt that Jesus and Jehovah trust them fully to tend the sheep!

  • integ

    It's all a crock. They aren't "loving". It's one of the biggest LIES this twisted group of psychos promote.

    The "worldly" people they say to be wary of are by and large ten times as "loving" as this group of lying crackpots.

    "Don't look up our past...don't do research on this religion. Trust US...we are the faithful and discreet slave class. Why? Because we say we are. How can u believe and trust in that? Because we're the faithful and discreet slave class".

    A bunch of weird freaks who think they're special. Why? Cuz they say they are.

    Yes...such a "loving" group of weirdos.

    Shoot...I would guess that 3/4 of these "happy people" are on anti depressants.

  • piztjw

    A woman I know, married twenty some years, four kids. Her non-jw husband cheated on her repeatedly. When she finally had enough and threw his ass out and filed for divorce he suddenly "saw the light" and started studying "da troof" with the eldurr that the woman worked for.

    When he got baptized he told the eldurr that he wanted to make up wit' her. He played on the kids feelings with bigs ideas of the grandest KH wedding ever seen.

    She wanted nothing to do with him, and said so. So in good christian manner the eldurr fired her. Her ex refused to pay court ordered CS. She had a home and four kids to try to support without any help from the eldurrs or their jealous wives. In desperation she caved in and re-married the azz-a-whole. He promptly quit meetings, moved in with his girlfriend and was df'd. She never did get any help.

    So typical of them, don't you think?

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