Help from 60's/70's music fanatics... if any are still alive (joking)

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  • confusedandalone

    About 5 years ago an older friend of mine passed away. This guy was into music in an almost unhealthy fashion which was the one thing we really had in common. He died in 2008 and when he passed his wife said he wanted me to have all of his old music. I had no idea what that entailed. He had an actual ROOM full of old records as well as 8 tracks and a few actual reels of recordings. He literally had every single song Al Green wrote... he was obsessed with Al Green and Curtis Mayfield. I considewr this stuff very special and some of it I have been told is very rare. He even purchased an original studio recording although incomplete of a Curtis Mayfield track called "If There is Hell Below" (great song by the way).

    I have spent a large portion of the last 4 years or so actually transferring alot of this music to my computer so I can preserve it without the risk of damage. I have however run into a wall because I have no way to get the music off of these 8 tracks. Granted I have not spent a whole heap of time looking but I am wondering if anyone has ever done a transfer from 8 track to another format in recent history? I have about 3 large boxes of these things and have no idea how to get the music off of them. Alot of it is amazing stuff that I want to listen to and be able to share.

    Anyone that can provide helpful information I am willing to pay you with all the music you can handle LOL. Literally there is nothing that I do not have here. However there are some special items I may want to keep for my own listening pleasure LOL. (Marvin Gaye Where are we going performed live in a studio amaaaaaaaazing)

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    My hubby says you should use an 8-track player with a line output. Connect the line output to the line input of a sound card/pc, and with an audio recording program like Audacity you can digitalize the 8-tracks.

  • confusedandalone

    i have no idea where to purchase an 8 track player. I guess I can hunt on amazon. Tell him thanks and if he ever needs any good music to let me know.

  • exwhyzee
  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Don't Worry (If there's hell below) is a classic song. Mayfield was on another level along with Isaac Hayes. Their musicianship set them apart from Green and Gaye. If Jehovah resurrects them and if I make it, I can only imagine what songs of praise to Jehovah they'll concoct.

  • Satanus

    This stuff is likely already out there. Its still a good thing to preserve it for future acess.


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