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  • wonderwoman77

    Hey Queenie....stop emailing me. I got your email, and do not email me anymore. I had enough of your harassment last summer and fall. I have been nice on this board and not said all the crazy stuff you emailed me. Lady you really need to get a grip. I am serious, you have real issues. Honestly for your health please seek treatment. I have never done anything to harm you, so leave me ALONE!!!!!

  • Prisca

    Hey WW,

    Can you block her emails, so that they don't go into your Inbox?

  • Naeblis

    What is she doing exactly ww?

  • wonderwoman77

    I did block her now prisca. She had been emailing my other email because I used it on the beyond jw board, where she started her harassment of most of the regular posters on the board, but finally left.

    Naeblis--If you want to know she was sending emails to the whole board solicting money. This time she just sent a crazy email, similiar to her crazy posts....

  • Naeblis

    From what I remember she just sends out a newsletter or something right? I blocked her right after I got the first one. What else does she do?

  • Naeblis

    Ahh I see. Yeah she's a strange one thats for sure. She keeps talking about being celebate, she just doesn't mention that it's not voluntary. lol. All her talk about no teeth and her bathroom activities, it's a wonder men aren't beating down her door.

  • orangefatcat

    I am not one to gossip or take sides, but I have to admit it that Queenie is probably in need of medical attention. She is incoherent, she makes no sense what so ever. She seems harmless, but a real annoyance never the less. Blocking is the only way you will prevent her from harrassing you.
    And by the way Queenie don't email me either, just in case you feel compelled to. Because I will block you too. You need professional help, I urge you to seek it out.

  • LDH


    Don't engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person, WW.


  • Imbue

    I don't think WW is trying to engage in battle with wits...with Queenie. She justs wants to be left alone. That's not to much to ask.

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


    YES I DO WILL DO AS REQUESTED ad when I see you e-mailing me I will delete -- I DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY EVER and you certainly do take things out of context sarcastic that they are said....YAWN BORING YOU ARE !!! AFTER 40 yrs a fuckin JW of course one would need mental help and I am on pills now for mood swings --- soo I make myself quite clear in what I say to him even when I am having a seizure....JESUS DIED FOR MY IMPERFECTIONS TOO yes there is a life out side JW shit and I am working on it and we have a newletter that LISA and I mail out free of charge -- LOVE DONATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED so far income is zero I am very coherant as my book will also indicate MY daughter LISA has your number .... MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS all our souls !!! peace is that coherant enough for you folks

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