Types, anti-types, starting fresh?

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  • Crazyguy

    Do you think these changes are being made so they can start teaching the R&F a new set of doctrines? Or is this just a fly in the ointment just to continue to confuses the masses so they don't know what the hell to think anymore?

    And if you think its so they can teach new doctrines, do you think their going to go more main stream?

  • OneFingerSalute
    They are performing the typical CYA actions of someone who doesn't have a clue about what they are saying and hope no one calls them on their BS. But if they do get called on it then they have the CYA crap to fall back on.
  • Magnum

    I kind of agree with OneFingerSalute about the CYA thing. It seems that the org is going simpler on everything and not stressing doctrine and deep stuff as much anymore. I think the reason is that they more and more realize that they can't defend their doctrines. With the availability of info on the internet now, they are exposed from all sides. It used to be that they were sort of isolated and could be bolder in their teachings, but not anymore. There are a lot of really smart and knowledgeable people out there who could butcher JW theology. I used to want the GB to engage in public debate because I thought it would be a great witness. Now I realize they'd get slaughtered. As OneFingerSalute said, they don't have a clue and don't want to be challenged on anything, so they're playing it safe.

  • OneEyedJack

    They are using this to ease into saying, we will no longer produce or reference old literature, there is no need to keep or read literature more than 5 years old.

    Then it will all disappear from KH libraries and online.

  • Deltawave
    They already don't like to quote anything more than 15 years old.... I agree this time frame is gonna suddenly shrink into the last 5 years or less!
  • prologos

    They are disavowing some of the more outlandish, far fetched hairbrained comparisons, but re-emphasize the core beliefs,

    persecution complex. Anointed /other sheep division, Gb= FDS. Give to, serve the organisation.

  • brandnew
    Im workin on being the ANTI GOIN TO THE MEETING TYPE here pretty soon.

    I went today because I'm fading, and I wanted to hear what was going to be said. To say that it was F***ING WATCHTARDED would not be an accurate description. In fact, there are no words that can describe how I feel right now.

    I want to leave JW.net so the pain stops. I want to leave the WTBTS to keep my sanity. It's been a long time since I wondered about killing myself or faking my death and starting fresh, this WT lesson has me considering several options.

    No, I'm not going to kill myself, but I am so, so, so very upset and furious and disgusted. I may write an editorial about the article in line with Crazyguy's question about "worldly scholars" thoughts on types and anti-types, or I may just get drunk.

    One thing is becoming clear, I can't do "this" anymore.


  • Deltawave
    @DATA DOG I your pain bro. I fell e exactly the same. I got so depressed with it I tried to commit suicide myself a few years ago. Its a hard bump to earth when you realise you've been led to all your life without anywhere else to turn. But at least as a group they lead moral lives free from alot of the hardships of people not going to kingdom hall.
  • blondie

    I started going to book studies in the 50's and remember my mother and her sisters talking about how "deep" the material was. It was type this, antitype this, everything a type or antitype. But only jws and specifically Fred Franz generated these. My aunts said they did less typing on their jobs than the publications. Fred has been dead for 22 years and dead mentally for a few years before it. But he left a messy foundation for the less erudite of the writers at the WTS. It has been cut and paste for them, nothing scintillating. Now the rank and file don't know or don't miss Fred's style of explaining prophecies. jws in general can't explain 1914 and 2520 years. The organization has to continue clearing out and dumbing down.

    The WTS has successfully changed many foundation doctrines and will more in the future. jws will either develop a convenient memory or leave.

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