Is anyone interested in getting a full financial report on the WTBTS of Britain?

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    This report provides information on Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain including:
    *.What their money is spent on
    *.Amount raised for every £1 spent on fundraising
    *.5 year financial information
    *.How your donation helps

    Here you can request the free report:

    And this is a link to purchase a full in-depth report:

    The report is provided in an easily digestible format and includes*:
    *. Five year financial history covering various income and expenditure streams as well as the charity’s assets and liabilities
    *. Key financial ratios including surplus, margin, fundraised income ROI and fixed asset turnovers
    *. Year-on-year growth trends for each of the different financial fields
    * Contact details for principal executives and trustees
    * Up to date information on relevant investment and grant making policies
    *Our expert team of data analysts break down the financial information as far as the charity’s reporting allows, meaning we have the most in-depth coverage possible for all of the top 5,000 charities.

    This is a sample of what the report will look like:

    Please post anything you find out, for the benefit of everyone. :)
  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    I cannot do this myself, or I would. Hope someone finds the info useful..
  • konceptual99
  • joe134cd
    I wanna know what big brother makes in the USA.
  • jwleaks

    Documents (1939 onwards) and all current financial reports for Watch Tower Britain and IBSA available here:


  • Splash

    Lots of figures on jwleaks' site.

    What's the year on year trend, are they seeing an increase, decrease or stagnation?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    All this info is available from the Charity Commission for free. Don't forget that there are multiple charities all interlinked. You would have to buy them all to make any sense of it. Its not too hard to get.
  • nelim

    I have created an overview of most of the figures of the IBSA and WTBTS for myself. The relation is quite complex. WTBTS produces the literature and hires accomodation (and people I guess) from IBSA to do that. Then it sells that literature to IBSA (for distribution I guess) at production costs. But the IBSA reports mention that all costs it makes are reimbursed by the WTBTS. Maybe both are true, but it's fuzzy to me.

    Here is what I noticed, this is 2006-2013:

    • donations are quite stable, per year ~15M pounds in cash, and ~3M pounds in legacies (by testament after someone dies I think?), with a peak in 2013 (5% up), but there was also a peak in 2007 (30% up), so I'm guessing these are outliers
    • someone donated ~5M pounds as property in 2011 to the IBSA
    • literature producing costs are stable
    • there has been a big inflow of money from the German branch from 2011 onwards
    • there has been a big increase of grants/overseas support particularly in 2012, but also 2011 and 2013 (I guess for kingdom hall building), the German money seems to have been used to support Africa and other continents with building halls and other local congregation needs there
    • very little is being used for humanitarian aid (that's not news though!); e.g. 2011 reports grants of ~20M to support overseas missionary work, but only 110 thousand to support Haiti shelter relief buildings + kingdom halls (of course!)
    • convention costs were quite stable, but significantly more expensive in 2012 (60%) and also, but less so, in 2013 (40% compared to 2011); OTOH these costs are 5% of the total or so
    • I think New York coordinates shuffling money around to keep the balances in check; every year's report mentions other countries donated to ranging from Brooklyn HQ to Europe to African bethels.

    Anyway, mostly looks to me like "business as usual". I can't see how they can finance ever-expanding bethels (and accomodating people there) though, the funds seem to be stagnating, not increasing. Although with these cross-country "injections" (grants and overseas donations) it's hard to draw definite conclusions from the London branch alone.

  • brandnew


    In 2001 the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York was listed among the top forty revenue-generating companies in New York City, reporting an annual revenue of about 951 million US dollars.[10]

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