Free Dog Burgers For World Cup Fans

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  • ISP

    Funny thing food, don't ya think. I went into a Chinese food wholesaler's because I love oranges and buy them by the box. Hey but the stuff these guys eat!!!! I saw a bag in the frozen food section containing 'uterus'. Hey no label just 'uterus'. Looked like a brain or summat.

    World Cup fans to be offered free dog meat

    Football fans at the World Cup are to be offered free soup, sandwiches and burgers made of dog meat.

    Restaurateurs in South Korea want to dispel western prejudices about their cuisine.

    Animal rights campaigners have condemned the eating of dog meat as "barbarous" and want it banned.

    Stalls offering free steamed meat, soup, sandwiches and hamburgers will be set up at the country's 10 World Cup stadiums.

    A statement from a group of 150 dog meat restaurant owners said: "Our campaign is aimed at advertising our traditional food to foreigners to dispel their prejudices about our food culture."

    They argue that dog meat is part of South Korean cuisine, as horse meat, snails and pigeon are to some other countries.

    About three million of South Korea's 47 million people are believed to eat dog meat and there are an estimated 6,000 dog meat restaurants nationwide.

    The World Cup finals are being co-hosted by South Korea and Japan from May 31 to June 30.

  • invisible


    Yeah but, look at the crap that mcdonalds put in their 'food', do you really want to know?

  • ISP

    At least the Dog Burgers are free, I suppose.


  • expatbrit

    I'll have a Lassie Meal please. To go.


  • Lesley

    If they want to eat dogs then fine, what I find objectionable is the inhumane treatment of the dogs.

    I support the IFAW and according to their website:

    'Every year, more than 2.6 million dogs and cats in South Korea are killed in ways that deliberately create and prolong their suffering. They die horrible deaths at the hands of traders who sell their meat for human consumption.

    Dogs in South Korea are routinely hung, strangled, slowly beaten and electrocuted in the belief that these inhumane methods of killing enhance their taste and aphrodisiacal properties. Often, while a live dog is hanging by its neck, it is beaten and its fur burned off with a blowtorch.

  • LDH

    Did anybody watch Fear Factor a few weeks ago? They were challenged to eat sheep uterus. EWWWW like 5 of them.

    NOBODY could do it in the alloted time, most gagged/heaved.

    The way the game works, if nobody completes one challenge, then ALL the players advance to the next challenge.

    The dumb ass girl who went last <<actually tried to down them.>> I'm thinkin--YOU ARE A DUMBASS. Why not just take one little nibble and say "SORRY."


    PS Lesley I don't really think we want to get into a debate about how animals raised for slaughter are treated in which countries. We won't talk about the US pork industry. Welcome to the board.

  • Lesley


    Actually a lot of the dogs are not raised for slaughter, they are strays and pets that are stolen, they muzzle them with tin cans. Unfortunately I no longer have the IFAW newsletter that dealt with the issue.

    I don't want to debate the issue, it was just for info that's all.
    I usually only reply to fluff, but I thought here's something I know a little bit about, so I thought I might try to give the impression that I have a brain

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