I finally had some good luck!

by KariOtt 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • KariOtt

    Went to court today for a speeding ticket I got. I was clocked more than twice the posted speed limit. It very well could have been my licence. I wasn't listed on the docket. When the court clerk did a little bit of research it was discovered that the ticketing officer never filed the ticket. I was free to go. No points, no fines/court costs, nothing. You can't begin to feel the relief I felt. I have never ever been that lucky before. I must point out to those who comented on my "fingers crossed" post last night that I DO NOT make it a habit of speeding. That was the first ticket of any kind I have recieved in 20 years. Don't worry everyone, I am very very careful when I drive as proven in my almost clean driving history.

  • jgnat

    My girlfriend got her first ticket after she had been driving for several years. She is a very cautious driver. She got caught speeding in a school zone; hadn't noticed the sign. When the officer checked her license, he told her all she had was a learner's! The Motor Vehicles branch told her the same thing. She wondered if she was going crazy.

    She dug through her shoebox filing system at home and found her original tester's certificate. She, indeed, passed.

    It turned out that her index card had slipped behind the cabinet when they had automated the system. Bureaucratic error.

  • confusedandalone

    KariOtt it was JEHOVAH!!!!

    Just kidding, lol.

    Congrats because that could have been a bad situation.

  • crmsicl

    So you were going twice the posted limit? If the limit was 35 that means you were going 70?

    I'm glad you don't normally speed. Be careful. okay? Glad things worked out for you.

  • AlphaMan

    Good for you sweetie.

    P.S. Ignore my advice to take an attorney to court with you.

  • KariOtt

    The speed zones go from 55 to 40 to 30mph in 1\10 of a mile. I drive it all the time. Its a speed trap to generate money for the county. I was nailed in the 30mph zone. I was going 61mph.

    confusedand alone....jehovah dosen't believe in luck but God does. lol

    alphaman.... if the ticket had been filed and I couldn't get it pled down I would have asked for a contuinence and gotten an attorney. I'm glad I didn't have to.

  • Phizzy

    Pleased you got off, these unfair traps make me sick. I always try and abide by the speed limits, I have not had a speeding ticket since the late 1960's, but most people here in the U.K ignore the limits.

    I am often overtaken by speeding JW's, including Elders, I guess they don't need to adhere to "Caesar's" Law where speed is concerned ?

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