Jehovah's Witnesses and the United Nations: How the Watchtower Society Fooled Millions

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  • designs

    Haven't read the book but the UN thing was a real slap in the face when it came out. All those years being told it was the Beast and you shouldn't have anything to do with it and here they were dining in the cafeteria.

    Weren't we the suckers

  • notjustyet

    Bought it for kindle, about 60 % through it.

    Good read and seems to be more in depth information.


  • Wozwozza

    I downloaded the UN letter about the NGO status of the society years ago and been unsuccessful in showing elders so I keep it by the door if any publishers come around ,feel like I've had a brand new tool going to waste

  • whathappened

    When I found out we had been in the UN I got so sick I almost threw up.

  • Pyramid God
    Pyramid God

    I can sympathize totally whathappened. The UN was the knockout blow to my faith. I felt so betrayed, like everything was dark and falling apart. Never felt that way before or since.

  • factfinder

    I also felt sick and betrayed when I found out about the UN/NGO situation and the WTS's lies about it.

  • smiddy

    When I first heard of it , I didnt beleive it , and I had been out for many, many years . How could this be ? The U.N. was the counterfeit kingdom of God , was what I was told. The abomination that causes desolation . The U.N. and its members were the very ones who were going to turn against Gods faithfull servants leading to Armageddon .....Slowly the truth came out....The denial at first ....then the excuse it was an immature new person....and then the signature of the governing body member authourising the WT involvement .

    The watchtower organisation were caught with their pants down.


  • wallsofjericho

    The best way I ever heard it put was by a poster here on JWN

    he said:"if the WTS can join the UN for a library card then I can join the YMCA for a pool pass"


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