Fact: Your Life is trickling away or 936 Blobs...How many remain in your case?

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  • BluePill2

    I have seriously been thinking about my Life course (like any other human being) but especially in the light of past events and where I am standing now. My posts here show that I have (like most of us) still a good way to go until I have shredded every part of my cultish past. At one side it will always be part of who you are and why you are NOW thinking, behaving in a certain way on the other hand we have to let go. Let go in a healthy, constructive way. I have been bitching, whining and struggling because of the shunning thing, the loss of family and missing time with my daughter. That is heavy luggage to carry around and lately it has affected personal growth and even business dealings and to certain extent health.

    So, searching the Internet, with these kinds of thoughts in mind, I found a neat, simple website that struck a cord with me. I don't know if it helps you in any way or means, but I will gladly share this with you and hope that it gives you positive food for thought, no matter where you are in your jorney, no matter what your present religious idea is.

    It's called: "936 little Blobs"

    936 Little Blobs

    Most of us spent some good amount of Blobs with the Watchtower - now watching at this with this visual perspective made me realize how much Life was wasted! But, that brings me to the next thought: I don't want to look at the past "Blobs" anymore! They are gone! Off the map! Ticked off! I have a few remaining and I want to use them as good as possible!

    Eat as much as long as the Kitchen is still open!

    This shouldn't give you or me a bleak, depressive look about the future. To the contrary! You and I might live longer than the average 936 represented here. Good. But no matter where we are, we want to make the remaining Blobs count! And if you are at the very end of this list than even more! If you are STILL in a Witness, THINK: "How many Blobs will I continue to waste???" (Fair enough, many are still inside because of family or other complex relationships! Not addressing this to you folks. Just addressing this to people like me that where postponing the decision because of fear. Fear of the UNKNOWN.)

    Making this more personal:

    I counted mine, made myself a personal Blob image where I highlighted my present Blob and some highlights in my Life - (just use MS Paint for this or Print this out and use a color marker). But most important: I am marking a few things on this chart that I want to accomplish before this wonderful Life is over (if you think there are more "invisible" Blobs good. That still shouldn't stop you from using these ones in a meaningful way).

    This might be silly to some, but for me, right now, it is incredibly motivating and made me look at Life as a GAME! A big, challenging and fun Game. I hope it motivates you the same and that you start looking at your long forgotten Bucket list and dust it off.

    If you don't have any idea or clue of WHAT you want, get some inspiration here until you start developing YOUR OWN ideas and Life plan: http://bucketlist.org/featured/ (yep, I know Life without the Witchtower is soooo boring and full of drugs and whoring around!)

    Now, excuse me, let me get back to play my Game. I still have 11 days left in this Blob and I want to accomplish a couple of things NOW.

    Original Source: http://abstrusegoose.com/51 (unknown author)

  • Butterflyleia85

    Thank you for sharing! I loved this!

  • BluesBrother

    The biggest personal disappointment when I discovered the real truth was that life was not going to stretch on endlessly into the future and get better all the time. Instead, I had expectancy of the proverbial "threescore years and ten" (840 blobs) and I had alreadywasted most of them........

    The thing about the dub outlook on life is a man'ana man'ana attitude..Do not worry about fixing the present. Live for the promises of the future. It will all be good then. Just "Seek first the Kingdom Watchtower " and everything will be given to you......So I didn't

  • BluePill2

    BluesBrother you are so absolutely right! And after leaving the Borg - physically and mentally - I didn't realize for some time that the Watchtower had installed some kind of "buggy software" into my brain:

    "Tomorrow, tomorrow" - living in the future not in the now! Grabbing some phantasie instead of reality.

    This messed up with my whole Life - passivity - waiting - always waiting for the "Jackpot" whilst nature tells you that you have to grab opportunity, otherwise you are left behind and hungry.

    Once you leave all the doctrines behind you still have a lot of housekeeping to do in your mind/brain. It's like uninstalling a software program and there are still parts of the software left behind that couldn't be uninstalled (this actually happens quite a lot).

    Cleaning of the mind from the Watchtower has to go deeper.

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Love it, made one myself. Pretty confronting to see all those blobs spent in the Borg... but hey, there's more blobs than that to spend ouside the Borg

  • life is to short

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