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  • anglise

    On the back of a glossy leaflet put out by the Liason Committee in the UK is a web address [email protected].
    This leaflet is designed to help medical staff care for JW's and one assumes that the site was also a back-up to that.
    So if the loving organization cares sooo much where has this site gone and why no links to a new one if it has been replaced?
    Does anyone know anything about this?

  • DazedAndConfused

    Actually that is an email address not a website address.

  • sf
  • ChristianObserver

    Hello :o)

    Having looked at the site which sf indicated, I read down to section 2.4 and was forcibly struck by the wording here!

    The 'Management of Anaesthesia for Jehovah's Witnesses' states:

    '2.4 Administration of blood to a competent patient against their will and in conflict with their genuinely held beliefs has been likened by the Witnesses to rape. It will not result in expulsion from the community if it was carried out against the express wishes of the patient, but may have as deep a psychological effect as forceful sexual interference.'

    Now to an outsider I perceive *double standards* at work here.

    What does the WTBTS do in order to uphold their *no blood doctrine* on behalf of members? They go to court; they appeal; they spend a lot of money *defending* the illogical doctrine which they have *developed*. Jehovah's Witnesses have been *taught* that accepting blood is on a par with rape or *forceful sexual interference* and thus *blood treatment* is viewed with abhorrence.

    Yet what of those innocent victims amongst its membership who have been raped or subjected to *forceful sexual interference* by other members of the group - *carried out against the express wishes of the* victim and the *deep psychological effect* which results from such an experience - no, not one experience - these dreadful crimes against the innocent are repeated and repeated - they are rarely *one offs*?

    What resources has the WTBTS harnessed in order to protect these *innocents* in advance, in the way that they do for possible blood treatments?

    Where are the role playing family models with the stock answers? Where are the leaflets with advice?

    Where are the Liaison Committees working with the victims of the *forceful sexual interference* helping them deal with the *deep psychological effects*?

    Where is the financial support of the victims if they wish to take their case through the courts?

    Where is the emotional support for and counsel of these innocents?

    Is there not a serious discrepancy here?

    So when the WTBTS says that an enforced blood treatment is tantamount to *forceful sexual interference*, would it be fair to say that an examination of its actions/advice in relation to each of these scenarios, rather than what is said, would be a fair indicator of the *actual* weight given to each?

  • LDH


    That was a SLAM. I'm going to re-read it and save it if you don't mind.


  • SixofNine

    Spot on ChristianObserver.

    This bit of mind warping propoganda is something that gets me the most outraged, out of all the tripe spewed by WT (perhaps because I probably parroted that line at least a few times).

    Rape indeed. Perhaps some who have been subjected to rape would like to comment.

  • anglise

    Sorry silly me didnt realise it was an address.
    But the brochure that I got the address from was an information one that is distributed by the HLC.
    It has the ref no 8/00 so I assume it has been around a while and was used by the HLC 5 monthes ago to accompany a letter so it must still be relevant.
    If so why is it not available at the KH for all to see a copy.
    Why the subterfuge?
    It also has a 24hour phone n. and the numbers of HLC members.
    Dont they trust the R&F with such information.
    But then I suppose it is only someones life on the line!!!

  • ChristianObserver

    Hello :o)

    Please feel free to use my posting in any way that might be productive in facilitating changes in either the reporting of paedophilia or reviewing the blood doctrine :o)

    I feel strongly about both issues having - sadly - unsought experience of child molesters and haemorrhaging patients!

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