Oct 2014 to Jan 2014 Study WT's - What is 'really' being taught each week....

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  • EndofMysteries

    Since it seems most study watchtowers are all about worshipping the GB, I decided to look at Oct of this year through Jan 2014 study watchtowers and list the title of the study article, then the rewritten title to show what the point and teaching for the JW's to take home was. I did that to see if it taught anything not having to do with GB worship, obeying, etc. Here is what we got.....

    Creation Reveals the Living God Oct 2013 Only through the GB's published material can you discern God's qualities
    Slave for Jehovah Oct 2013 Slave for the Governing Body
    Lessons from a well prepared prayer Oct 2013 Confess to the elders or you won't get God's forgiveness
    Act in Harmony with Jesus Loving Prayer Oct 2013 Being regular at meetings is how you pass Jesus requirement of love
    Nov 2013
    Be vigilant with a view to prayers Don't complain to God about your horrible life as a result from listening to the GB, and pray to not slow down on your field service
    How can we maintain a waiting attitude? Ignore that the GB are false prophets and pretend that the end having not come is Jehovah's patience.
    Seven Shepherds, Eight Dukes what do they mean for us today? Be ready to obey instruction from the non inspired GB which may not make sense from a human standpoint but must be obeyed without question or you may die
    Obey Jehovah's Shepherds Obey the GB and their goons.
    Shepherds - imitate the greatest shepherd Elders, keep your nose in everybody's business and be on the watch for opportunities for judicial committees and keep obeying the GB's instructions or be accountable to God for not.
    Dec 2013
    Avoid being quickly shaken from your reason Blind your minds to the truth about the truth and avoid speaking to anybody who isn't worshipping every word that comes from teh mouth of the governing body
    Will you make sacrifices for the kingdom? Even though you are broke if you heeded the GB counsel to not get higher education, you must give more money in donations.
    Do this in rememberance of me Those celebrating the memorial w/ Jehovahs Witnesses can expect plain decorations, a boring sermon by an elder with a pinched face and nose held high.
    Jan 2014
    Worship Jehovah, the King of Eternity Worshipping God means worshipping the GB and obeying them fully or you will die
    100 years of kingdom rule and how does it affect you? 100 years of false prophecies by the GB, but if you give up on them now and leave Jesus will kill you with the rest of the world very very soon.
    Makeing wise choices during Youth put fulltime placing the GB literature ahead of marriage, education, and employment
    Serving Jehovah before the days of distress come It's not too late to drop what you are doing and spend fulltime placing the GB literature with the rest of your life
    Let your kingdom come, but when? Those of the overlapping generations of 1914 will not die before the great tribulation begins.
  • EndofMysteries

    Depending on your browser, look for a table on the bottom of the post.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Hey that's a really good table. Nice to know what tune the proverbial devil is playing.

  • AnthonyMorrisXIII

    Good table. pity you didn't include paragraph numbers where they pass-off the real intent.

    I still attend for the misses, but agree regardless of title, article is just a vehicle for their wants and desires.


  • BroMac

    I like it.

    Cult speak: Shepherds - imitate the greatest shepherd

    Translation: Elders, keep your nose in everybody's business and be on the watch for opportunities for judicial committees and keep obeying the GB's instructions or be accountable to God for not.

  • EndofMysteries


    Next time I'll try it that way BroMac.

    Perhaps one day they will really simplify the WT and instead of each month printing as many variations of worship GB and do more service that they can, they will have one article saying it plain as daylight and study the same article each week, year in and year out. Obey GB, Worship GB, more service. Obey GB, Worship GB, more service.

  • EndofMysteries

    I meant next time I'll try it like Anthony said, w/ paragraph.

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