Isn't the Faith v Reason debate a waste of time ?

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  • Phizzy

    Faith has no basis in empirically provable facts. We have established that on many threads. And yet there are many billions of people of "faith" around the World.

    Those of us relatively new to a life based upon facts, evidence and reason often get hung up on asking those of faith to prove that their faith is something real.

    I am not talking about belief here, someone may believe there really was a Global Flood for example, I think it is valid to challenge that, and to ask them for proof.

    But on the matter of faith, I think it is different. Faith is the same as trust, can we prove that our trust in our loved ones, a Mother , Father or spouse for example is "real" ? no, we just know that we trust. (O.K trust can be misplaced-true).

    Faith is something personal, much as a persons appreciation of Art or Music is personal, and I do not think it appropriate to question that inner deep feeling of Faith.

    Belief now, that is a field that is open for any kind of scrutiny, you believe that Jesus or Muhammad talks to you ? Prove it.

    You believe that there is an Omniscient, Omnipotent, Loving God do you ? Prove it.

    But I am trying badly to articulate that such a thing as Faith is seperate from groundless belief.

    One could have faith, for example, in the human race and its ability to not only survive, but to better itself.

    Faith, equalling Trust can work, be real, and yet difficult to prove to someone else, apart from as the Bible says, how it "turns out".

  • Terry

    Perform this experiment.

    Choose your favorite game.

    You sit down with another person and tell them this:

    "I will play by the rules but you get to make up your own rules."

    Now, I ask you, is there really any point in playing that game?

    Any doubt who'll win?

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