How can they continue the FDS "prophecy" now?

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  • StarTrekAngel

    I know there are another 100 threads probably started on this. I can't help but to wonder how would anyone be able to defend the existence of the FDS at this point. Could anyone play devils advocate? The only thing I can think of is by means of relating other things. For example.. we know we can get disfellowshipped for questioning the GB. If we were to be told that we no longer have faith and we argue that we still believe in God, then the GB and Jehovah will be equated to be the same and therefore throw you out.

    Based on the NWT, Jesus asked the question "Who is the FDS..? You could then say that while the bible does not literally calls this a prophecy, the fact that there is an open question, then there must be an answer. Other bibles translate that paragraph different. We all know that other bibles do not apply here.

  • freemindfade

    If such a group really existed (and the bible wasn't a fairy tale), wouldn't they be evident to followers? They wouldn't have to say, "who is the FDS, Oh its us, let us keep reminding you and showing you its US".

    To play devils advocate, they will use the "food at the proper time" indoctrination. Its one of the things witnesses don't question. No other group gives food at the proper time, no other group has love amongst themselves.. and so on, they never think about if that is even practical.

  • Ding

    The GB is the FDS because it says it's the FDS.

    And the GB is right because Jehovah has appointed it.

    And JWs know Jehovah appointed the GB because the GB is the FDS...

  • freemindfade
  • steve2

    It's a parable, short and sweet. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Everything else connected to the 'faithful and discreet slave is interpretation upon interpretation upon interpetation. Screeds written about so simple a parable. The layering is so impossibly thick, the rank and file see nothing else but the GB everytime they consider those verses.

    It makes a nonsense of JWs claim to simply believe what the Bible says.

  • oppostate
    The GB can claim to be the FDS because 8 million GB followers will support them and believe them. Does that prove anything? How many Catholics follow the Pope? How many mormons follow their Prez and 12 apostles? The number of people that follow them only proves how successful they've been at duping people.
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I can't help but to wonder how would anyone be able to defend the existence of the FDS at this point

    It’s not just about defending the FDS, but also defending “The Organization”

    Two different entities that work for the same purpose and that require the same devotion and obedience. It about as crazy as the sign in the book of Revelation; where people worshiped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshiped the wild beast .

    To tamper with the FDS is to tamper with the “Organization” of God. So they might not be able to defend the existence of the FDS with words, but they can defend it with the sword of execution, (disfellowshipping) which is carried out by the “executive” part of the Organization. No need to defend.

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