Are we rebelling like Korah, against God's appointed GB? A super simple question to backfire that accusation

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  • EndofMysteries

    The next time or if that ever gets brought up, that leaving the organization is following the rebelliousness of Korah, since the WT likes to have that in one of the magazines every 2 to 3 months, ask this.....

    Okay, I understand the concern on leaving God's appointed and rebelling against them. Let me ask this, was Moses inspired? Was the apostle Paul inspired? Is the governing body inspired?

  • prologos

    and: who wrote about the rebellion against Moses? MOSES?

    rebellion is plausible, earth swalling on cue is not, a scaring story.

  • EndofMysteries

    it doesn't matter if you believe in Moses or not, those questions are beneficial to anybody speaking with a JW. They teach that Moses and the Apostle Paul were inspired and that the GB is not inspired so that is why they have been wrong at times (everytime to be precise).

    Being inspired means the words and commandments are from God, so rebelling against Moses, Korah was going against God's words. But going against the GB words is going against man/human words, not God's since they are not inspired.

  • sir82

    A lot of the OT stories were made up hogwash to scare the bejeezus out of the Jews from trying to rebel against priestly or religious authority.


    A lot of the WT articles are made up hogwash to scare the bejeezus out of JWs from trying to rebel against governing body authority.

    Funny how things don't change much.

  • Patrick45

    Yahweh was not dictating every single word to Moses. He was anointed and therefore got a better disposition to do the right things and to make sound judgments. (Without knocking out his own will off course as his water out of rock mistake shows).

    Jesus was sticking closely to his father because his mission was of such great importance. He was anointed too.

    This anointing with holy spirit also opens the way to perform the works of the spirit to Christians. You become a new creation thereby. (again without knocking out your free will, but rather giving you the freedom to chose the right actions rather than the wrong ones. Those in the flesh mainly dont have this free choice, as they cant overcome the fleshly adamic spirit inherent to depraved mankind)

    Sticking with anointed sisters and brothers of Christ is the right thing to do, while being on the way of becoming adopted by father into this new life. At no point there is coercion. Its just gaining the ability to perform the things prepared for the holy ones.

    Whoever bears the fruit is connected to Jesus. Some JW are children of God, as well as some in other denominations. I have seen some here and some there.

    I personally would switch to the argument that the different kind of Good News preached by the WT (Gal 1) puts them outside of the true flock of Jesus Christ. Matth 23 seems applicable. Being false prophets also invalidates their claim of authority. There is lots more.

    God bless

  • anonymouz

    The Governing Body is not appointed by God. They are not mentioned in the Bible. Their concept is not mentioned in the Bible other than the decentralized "body of the Christ". They are not a Biblical entity. The are a specialized corporate "board of directors". Nothing less, nothing more, a sham, act, crock, basically a lie.

    Therefore their role is that of Korah as they discredit and compete with the "body of the Christ".

    And they will meet a similar fate in that collective body so JWs some day can get with Christian reality.

    Moses and Paul had to be inspired by the prophecies they spoke and the things they wrote. No one can conjour even Genesis 1 from thin air, no one can give the detail of Gen6-11 from fiction. Genesis 10 contains the roots of all nations of earth shown by a number of secular sources.

    The "governing body" is the lie of 2Thess2:11-12 in modern form, and the architects of the JW "operation of error" and a lawlessness control council. Although others must be involved to create a concreted theology over the JW mind that can desolate a billion dollar relgious empire soon, and sell it to JWs as prophecy and create a self fulfilling prophecy whereby JWs expect an organizational deconstruction and will actually aid it like zombies and robots for it's first couple years - but the GB talking heads and grinning mugs must be the ones to massage it into the JW mental meat as marinade of illusion for 37 years of this unique JW administrative experiment.

    Even in JWs the very mention of a "governing body" was not made before 1940, it's letters were capitalized as a Governing Body in 1971, so this creeping cancer of corruption is also foreign to early JWs, and IBSA, and the entire Bible.

    In most basic terms the Biblical "governing body" is untrue. As appointed by God it is basically blasphemy. All in all it's essence is called a "lie".


    But now they are also the modern day apostles:

    “”The channel he used for spiritual feeding was clearly recognizable. After all, the apostles—the original members of the governing body—could provide visible proof of heavenly backing.”"

    (WT 7/15/13 pg. 18, par. 12)

    "After all", it's but another lie. With this and the FDS latest, the blasphemy seems to have no limit with these new highs.

    JWs will just have to admit the GB is but a fiction slowly rationalized in the religion and is now the Bethel "root of all evil", plain and simple. They cannot even be Christian much less anointed. A total act, a fantasy, a charade, a fiction, not true, non-existent as far as God is concerned, a sham, a con, a lie, NOT the truth.

    No wonder they are the source of "the lie" that they grow in JWs.

  • Crazyguy

    Korah and his follower were tring to be like or replace Moses which was Israel's mediator. Are we doing that? Who is? The gb. Oh snap.

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