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    Over the weekend i went to my continuing education which i was scolded for of course and it was about amputee patients. During the program one man gave a testimony of his struggles with amputation. the first major point brought out was that as a patient you MUsT not be denied the freedom to feel anger or fear. "Be afraid! Be angry! Then harness it and use it as focus to get through your trials. To be denied fear or anger is UNREALITY. Its not tangible!" Immediately i thought of all of us here who have been denied certain emotions and certain real fears. So all of us who are fading or struggling, feel your fear and feel that anger, and know that its ok!

    NEXT he talked about what made him so angry and afraid--disability. He said that word to him was bullshit. So he took the first 3 letters and made it positive and used it as Focus. D.I.S.

    D--he used to discover what he could do to be normal each day--brushing his teeth, getti g to the toilet, etc.

    I- Insight was the product of that discovery and he realized he could do more

    s--Success resulted from discovery and insight.

    Because of that he walks on a prosthetic, even rides his motorcycle.

    Now for us this is a great tool for motivation. How?

    The Watchtower Disables its followers down to their very thoughts.

    So when we Discover the truth it leads to Insight, that insight when it moves us to action creates success and gives us the ABILITY to choose, to live, and to be FREE! Freedom caused by fear is not freedom, its enslavement. So lets continue discovering truth, finding the freedom that all should share.


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    Very inspiring

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