School for Couples - Age restriction raised to 65 yrs old

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  • Quarterback

    WTF....Apparently there is a new letter that states that the age for qualify for Christian Couples for serving where there is a new has been raised to 65. Previous it was 55 yrs of age.


    Soon it will be any JW still above ground..

    Preferably with a HeartBeat..

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Guess they're trying to encourage JWs into retirement. They recently had some stupid talk about encouraging oldies to sell up and serve where the need was greater.

  • Quarterback

    That's right, Julia. Most stable couples are still working at age 55, especially in this economy. If someone could retire earlier, they would be facing a penalty from their retirement income. So, it looks like this window has opened up to make it possible for some to wait and retire decently, and afford to finance themselves.

  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie

    Outlaw you are soooo funny, they are getting very desperate hahaha.


  • Daniel1555

    The school is not only for couples, single brothers, now new also for single sisters.

    So that means probably most students in the school are female.


    Quarterback identified the key phrase: " and afford to finance themselves." That is really what it comes down to, $$$$$$!!!! The WTBTS has made it very clear that if you are a normal R&F JW, they will NOT sponsor you in any way. No transportation costs, no housing expenses, no help with customs or passports, no medical help, no food...NOTHING!

    Wake up people! You are paying for the privilege of paying to work for the WTBTS. They are supplying NOTHING. You are the lowest level of the MLM WTBTS business. YOU will never get paid. You are a fool if you pay for them to tell you where to go serve. They have BILLIONS, and help no one, except for Public Relations to further their real estate business. They are desperate. Watch for the bar to be continually lowered. Pretty soon they will be begging for anyone to do something.

    2015 Announcement:

    The GB are pleased to announce the BSAOE "Bible School At you Own Expense."


  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Thus, the kick in the butt from WTBTS (WT, January 15, 2014, pages 22-26):


    2 Many Christians in their 50’s and older still have plenty of vigor. They may have some gray hair, but likely they do not yet have the frail health described by Solomon.

    9 The apostle Peter may have been over 50 when he moved to where the need was greater.

    10 Today, many Christians in their 50’s and older find that their circumstances have changed and that they are able to serve Jehovah in new ways.

    14 Although many Christians in their 50’s have fine opportunities to do new things in Jehovah’s service, not all can. Some of them have poor health, and others care for aging parents or dependent children.

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