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  • ctrwtf

    Not really up on the latest from the org. But it seems that most of what's surfacing has to do with "generations" and the "faithful slave."

    Whatever happened to the UN? It seems to be remarkably absent from the Wits rhetoric of late. Could they have come to the realization (like the rest of the world) that far from the evil tool of Satan, the UN is a mostly irrelevant and bankrupt icon of the 20th century? Are they distancing themselves from yet another failed prophecy? As a New Yorker, the only real influence of the UN is to make East Side traffic unbearable for one week out of the year.

    BTW putting up new banners on buildings that will be condo's in the next few years is a sign of desperation.

  • Comatose

    They can't change the UN one. It's in the core. Very soon the UN will attack religion on earth and then the big A. They cannot change that one.

  • braincleaned

    Oh trust me. they can change it! They already got the bobble-heads that follow them believing that "new Light" is all you need.
    Then, you erase from your memory anything said before.

    Ohhh trust me! When needed, they will most certainly put a plug in THAT orifice!!!!

  • JakeM2012

    Braincleaned, "Bobble-heads", just great.

  • factfinder

    It is a bit surprising they put those banners on the office bldgs. since they will be selling them soon.

    I wonder if the watchtower is still atop of the 77 Sands St. Bldg. ? I know it covers a water tank.

    i always liked the way it looked. Since they painted over all the signs I wonder if they let the watchtower remain?

    Does anyone know?

    Sorry to go off topic.

  • caroline77

    I always thought that Armageddon was to take place in the vale of Megiddo in Israel. How are they going to get 6 billion people in there?

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