Are the anointed the children of "Mother", or are they part of "Mother"?

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  • Splash

    I was reading about our "mother" organisation and saw the following WT quotes:

    1. w96 6/1 p. 9 par. 3 The woman” is not Eve but Jehovah’s heavenly organization, the mother of his spirit-anointed servants on earth.

    2. w85 3/15 p. 18 par. 9 God’s organization is the mother which gives birth to the new nation, or governing factors. The anointed ones on earth are a part of ‘the woman’, and surely represent her.

    3. w85 10/15 p. 30 As individuals who are “born again,” they become spiritual sons of Jehovah. Yet they have also a “mother,” for the apostle Paul wrote that “the Jerusalem above . . . is our mother.” When anointed Christians receive their heavenly reward, they actually take their place in that heavenly organization.

    4. w81 5/1 p. 22 pars. 19-20 Since this symbolic “woman” was made pregnant by God as her husband, she must picture God’s spiritual organization. This organization provides the personnel of that heavenly kingdom, not only the glorified Jesus Christ but also his spiritual “brothers,” who are also the “brothers” of God’s spiritual organization.— There is yet a remnant of these spiritual “brothers” on our woebegone earth

    5. w61 5/1 p. 282 all Christians have Jehovah God as “our Father,” and his heavenly organization, Jerusalem, as “our mother.” These, above all else, they are to honor and obey. Logically, included in such honor and obedience are the earthly representatives of the heavenly Father and mother.

    So are the anointed the children or the mother? Does it matter if they are on earth or in heaven?

    Heeeeeeellpp !!!!


  • Phizzy

    And is the Mother the Bride of Christ or of Jehovah ? Can either Bride have anything to do with a Real Estate dealing Organization posing as a religion ?

  • KateWild

    The Whole heavenly organisation = Woman

    Seed of the Woman = anointed

    So the incestuous joining of the Woman with her seeds takes place in heaven when the anointed die and finish their earthly course. Do you get the logic Splash? There is no where else to go-Kate xx

  • Phizzy

    This whole Doctrine is more complicated than the Trinity. The Mother gave birth to the children, who become the Mother when they go to Heaven and so on.

    A divine mystery no doubt.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Revelation 5:10 (Kingdom Interlinear - "And you made them to the God of us kingdom and priests, and they are reigning upon the earth."

    Shucks - they ain't gonna be reigning as kings, (Psalm 45:16; Isa. 32:1) and they certainly ain't reigning from heaven!!

    Oh well!! Maybe a 40w "new light" will appear - to 'clarify' another false teaching.

  • Honesty

    It's bullshit just like the rest of their goofy theology.

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