Thank you LORD for "12 years a Slave"... I'll explain why in a minute

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  • ILoveTTATT

    I have said that I am agnostic... and I am... but I still believe that there's someone out there looking out for me...

    Anyways... on Sunday I think that something coming very short of a miracle happened:

    I got a chance to thoroughly investigate the topic of mind control with my mother, without her getting upset at all, and I managed to record the entire conversation. It lasted about an hour. I have a copy on my iPhone, a copy on my computer, and a copy on the cloud. It is like, a super-mega-important file for me, it is so amazing!!

    It is late here, so later today I will write about it. It all started with the movie "12 Years a Slave"... got us both right into the topic.


  • Zoos

    I just looked at the trailer for that movie. Wow! I need to find that at Blockbuster.

    Looking forward to your experience.

  • ILoveTTATT

    Still transcribing... 7 pages in, half hour of audio (of a total of 1 hour), incredibly amazing insight into my mom.

    Just to give you a tidbit:

    I learnt that:

    EVERY person who helped my mom and made a positive mark in her very bleak childhood: NOT a JW.

    EVERY person who made her life miserable: JW's.

    So, If need be, I can hopefully wake her up by arguing that Jehovah will kill the people who were nice to her and keep alive the people who were mean to her, just because group A is not JW's and group B is...

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi ILoveTTATT, I'm glad that you had a step of forward progress with your mother. Don't get discouraged when your mother takes 2-steps (or more) backwards. You are helping your mother to critically think for herself, and not running a sprint.

    It is very interesting that you learned that non-JWs had a more positive effect on your mother's childhood than JWs. You should use that information everytime your mother uses WTBTS platitudes to praise how loving and caring that JWs are versus non-JWs. Asking simple questions about your mother will over time help her to deprogram herself. Just learn how to bring out your mother's authentic persona without inciting her cult persona.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ILoveTTATT

    Finally!! I finished transcribing the audio. Now I need to clean it up, condense it, and translate to English...

    But it's soooo amazing!!

    We talked about brainwashing, propaganda, dictators, lack of information, when the one controlling you seems benevolent... etc... in short... Hassan's book without my mom ever knowing that it applies to JW's...

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