JW religion = progressive apostacy

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  • AlphaMan

    The JW religion is so against any members who they think are apostate against their beliefs. If any member even questioned current beliefs or speculated that scriptures could mean something else, then they would de DF'd as an apostate.

    The Governing Body makes changes in JW doctrinal beliefs all the time. Why are they not DF'd for apostacy?

    A previous GB comes up with the doctrine, which they say they were lead to believe & understand by holy spirit. JW's are DF'd if they disagree.

    Then later, different GB members start questioning current beliefs or spectulates that the scriptures mean something else. Then, once 2/3 of the GB members votes on a change in doctrine, there is a change in doctrine. Any GB member dissenters who do not vote on the change obviously do not believe the new understanding. Would they not now be an apostate? You would think all doctrine changes would have to be 100% unanimous, so no one is exposed as an apostate. Then again, you would think anyone who suggests changing doctrine would be exposed as an apostate.

    This is insane. They are just as apostate as anyone else who questions or speculates JW beliefs & doctrine.

    Why would Jehovah have them believe one truth, then change it to mean something else? That is apostacy also.

    The whole JW religion is one progressive man-made convoluted apostacy against itself.

  • whathappened

    I cannot disagree with you on any of theses points. Hippocrates?

  • SanLuisObispoTruthSeeker

    They are antichrists according to the New Testament, they deny Jesus Christ is the Mediator for all mankind. I don't think I can call them a "Progressive Apostate", they regress to previous held doctrines and swing back to new thoughts like a boat without a rudder." What is "progressive" about their apostasy from ancient times? The Governing Body sanctioned a magazine that attacks men Constantine authorized to compile a list of letters by the Apostles (Bible Canon) calling all groups after "John the beloved" suspect or grown in the apostate.

    I love reading through the old magazines (Pre-1916) brother Russell wrote before Ruterford strong armed and stold the company away from men who would have done a better job. What is progressive, it's "Regressive Truth" heading back to the Baal Worshipers and antichrists who fought against John, Peter and Paul, the Governing Body has put themselves above Jesus Christ!

  • Gayle

    Basically, it's "The JW Governing Body" religion.

  • Finkelstein

    JW religion = progressive apostasy = Corruption of established power.

    The WTS. will in time probably drop 1914 which is one of its core doctrines right from the very beginning, many people have been

    DFed for arguing and pointing out its obvious flaws.

    Since this organization has developed itself upon creating diverse lies which were really commercialized doctrines

    to enhance the circulation of its published goods, no wonder they have to change those doctrines as time progresses.

    But since those doctrines of which they create accumulate power toward themselves, of course they are going to stand up

    and protect them while they are being actively preached/taught.

    The WTS was built upon amateurish bible theologians running and operating their own publishing house.

    The illusion of them being solely guided by god was orchestrated by themselves to serve their own means.

    What the JWS religion really is progressive charlatanism framed in a pyramid structure of accumulative power and control. .

  • wearewatchingyouman

    Speaking of 1914. Did anybody notice in the new "Silver Sword" that in the back under "message of the bible" it says "about 1914" is when Jesus threw

    Satan down to earth. What's the "about" all about? http://www.jw.org/en/publications/bible/nwt/appendix-b/message-of-the-bible/

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