The Liar's Gospel

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  • Ruby456

    a wonderful uplifiting book I'm reading. It is the story of Jesus (Yehoshuah in the book) told from a jewish perspective and situated in jewish family and village life as it was then.

    At one point in the book Jesus' mother wants to capture the moment and install it in eternity so she says to her companion, a young follower of Jesus(Yeshoshuah) who has come to visit her after his death and who wants to know about her son's life growing up

    so Mary (Miryam in the book) relates what she knows is a lie but as it is a lie that brings her son back to her, a lie that comforts her and a lie that the the young man embraces with love and enthusiasm, she continues her story - the story of Jesus. In the book she says it is a story from her heart where the dead live - do you believe the story? she asks the young man - he say yes and she then replies "then my son Yeshoshuah lives in your heart" (p62)

    The book begins with a graphic account of a lamb being slaughtered by the priest. I love the way the author writes - so gripping. Plusthe story is as so very plausible

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