The exciting life of a witness.

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  • sleepy

    I would like to appeal to all , to see the good side to being a witness.
    Look what kind of life style you'ed enjoy.
    Monday .Get up 7:30am do days text , wash, breakfast out 8;30 drive to work.Finish 5:00pm get home in rush hour trafic 6:00 .
    Make dinner 6:30 do washing up 7:00 , do study for tomorrows meeting + prepere talk 9:00 watch TV ,so nackered at 10:00 go to bed.
    Tuesday the same except get home at 6:00 make dinner do washing up and leave for meeting by 6:00 .Home from meeting at 9:30 go straight to bed.
    Wednesday same as monday . Do book study for group and prepear well ,as taking the group.
    Thursday like tuseday except home at 8:30 this gives me one and a half hours to relax, watch telly , think about the bill for car repair that cam e this morning.
    Friday get home from work at 6:00 , skip dinner as meeting the group for magazine work.Someone wants to take me on a call .Get invited in don't leave untill 9:00.Get a takeaway relax in front of telly , fall asleep in chair.
    Saturday oh good! Stay in bed till 8:30 then get ready to join the morning ministry.
    Home at 11:30 , make dinner .Now have to sort all the bills and do all the house work, you know the house needs a paint as well, and also need to go shopping for food. All finished by 5:00 O'clock .
    Need some association so arrange to meet brothers in the cinema .Carnt decide what film to see as most offend someones conscience.End up seeing cartoon.Off home feeling dpressed as no good looking sisters there.
    Sunday up a 9:00! of to the meeting at 10:00.Boring talk feel very sleepy.Ministry after home at 2:00 .Cook dinner wash up etc.
    Wow the rest of the day off!.Fall asleep .
    Oh no havent done any personnal study all week!How worldly.Better do some.
    Finished now I can relax , whats on telly , sod all its sunday nothing good on.
    Realise I shouldn't be so caught up in worldly entertaintment any way , do more study.7:00 Mad brother with shakey head , from hall calls round for a chat about some problems he's having with masturbation, want to gve him some tips , but instead find bound volumes and look at societies advice.
    Bed at 10:00pm
    Monday get up 7:30........

    And of course if you're married or have children you can have even more fun.

  • Matty

    Thanks for a great post. This is all very very very familiar to me, there's something very "treadmill" about it.

    We just love it all don't we?!

  • alliwannadoislive

    this draconian regime of strict obeyance was so much a part of my unhappy life for so long - and even though it hasn't been for the last five years, i still relish every moment of tuesday and thursday evenings and sunday mornings ... sigh ...

  • graceabounds

    This reminded me of what I had started to get into.
    Although I was only a study....but told I was a very
    "dedicated" one....made Saturday study, or holiday's,
    and had not missed more than 2 meetings in seven months,
    (before I came back to reality)...and did this with 2
    children in tow(it really WAS SO MUCH MORE FUN!).
    With my 4 yr. old sleeping for almost 2 hours at the
    Sunday talk. Can I a separate "Sunday School"
    geared towards children...considered a sin???
    Probably...... the end of my "weekend", I needed two more
    days to rest....from my "rest".

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