THREE dozen Orcas surround the ferry boat bringing Indian artifacts back to their home

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  • ldrnomo
  • fakesmile

    maybe the KILLER WHALES sensed the spirits of cuahetemoc in the artifacts. or maybe the ship saled thru a troop feeding. id put $ on the latter. but it must have been a cool view.

  • Hortensia

    Went out on a whale-watching trip from Monterey once, we got out into a bunch of maybe 100 orcas. My goodness, it was a wonderful sight. One of the things I'm glad about is that my little mother was on the trip and got to see them. We sailed along with them for about three hours. They were feeding of course, and ignored us.

  • fakesmile

    oh hell, horton. please tell me that you twernt sailing with ancient artifacts.

  • prologos

    May be the nearby nuclear submarine base was idle and the SONAR discruptions did not bother the creatures, so they came close.

    or they wanted some press along with the black-fish captivity Orcas item running on CNN.

    They school to share their deserved take of the salmon off "our" NW coast.

  • snare&racket

    its 3:45am, miserable from doing work..... Then I saw this title.... ROFL Made my week!

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