"Not Easily Broken" as an eyelid opener for a spouse?

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  • NeverKnew

    Not if your spouse is totally indoctrinated but maybe for one with an eyelid open?...

    I was asked to watch the movie "Not Easily Broken" with Morris Chestnut and Taraji Henson. I believe my focus was supposed to be on the results of a couple losing sight of the proverbial threefold cord but as the movie progressed, I was struck by something quite different.

    The wife is completely caught up with the perceptions of her peer group, the husband has grown weary of fighting for his wife's attention and affection and lastly we have a meddling mother-in-law whose influence over the daughter heavily contributes to the downward spiral of the marriage. For me, the mother-in-law was the personification of the WTS.

    If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship as a result of learning TTATT and haven't seen the movie, imo, it's worth watching. If your spouse has an eyelid open, they may see the parallels. I'm a female but very much so identified with the husband so the movie transcended gender identification.

    If anyone has seen or watches this movie, please let me know your thoughts.

  • whathappened

    I will keep my eyes open for this movie.

  • garyneal

    Yeah I did before my wife went running to the Tower. The husband and wife both attended the same church (along with the mother-in-law), which eases a lot of things in my opinion. Even the pastor was instrumental in helping the daughter to see how damaging her mom was to her marraige. While I can see the connection between the meddling mother-in-law and the WTS, it was not as obvious until you pointed it out.

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