The Unbeleivable

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  • OVIS

    I have been hospitalized many times because of the illness schizophrenea. So I have many wierd stories to tell.

    A few years ago I took a vacation to Mexico alone to unwind. I had an excellent trip with nothing out of the ordinary happening to me. I went to the airport to fly back home and the plane had left without me. I had to stay an extra week and buy another ticket back home. This extended stay caused something to happen to me. I was staying on a small Island renting a room. I went to bed and when I was waking up in the morning I heard a warning voice that told me "DO NOT LOOK AT THE MIRROR". The first thing I saw after opening my eyes was the mirror on the wall. When my eyes caught sight of it a red light left the mirror and hit me on the head. Something had entered my body making me go dark inside. This was not fun. I stayed in bed and sweated for a day. I was having an internal fight within myself. I somehow managed to get that red light back into the mirror and after that was done I covered it with a blanket. I felt like a vampire unable to look at the mirror. I was seeing visions from external sources and some of my own that I thought were coming from Jehovah or someone who works for him. He showed me that his visions were stronger that the ones produced by the local people around me. I walked about with two snakes in my body one represented my brother. He was wrapped around my heart. The other repesented Satan, He had interest in me becoming one of the 10 horns that control the Beast for an hour. I swam away from the Island to a smaller Island with no people on it. I called it bug Island because it was just crawing with bugs. On the Island I was visited by familars who know me in the phisical on earth. And a Witch who was drawing things in my mind. She was of a red light. I stayed on that Island until some time at night when I felt the witch went off to look for bugs to scare me. I was swimming back to the main Island and it started talking to me as a group of people. The Bible says Islands speak and that was the first time I heard one. I asked for permition to land. The evil in me was lost. The witch never returned to me that night.
    When I got back to my room the bed was full of small white dimond looking lights. They were women in some way and could enter my body if I connected with them. I did not want things in my body I was working to rid what was in it. So I did something funny. I took the snake around my heart and rolled it across the bed it removed the light beings and I went to sleep. I awoke remembering what had happened and headed for the main land. I was told that I would die and when that would happen. Those dates have alread came and are now long past. On the main land I got a room with a kichenet. Went grocery shopping and make my favoriate pasta dish. After eating I went outside to lie down on a hamic at the hotel. While resting I could feel the voices slipping away and I felt better. Then some of the voices got louder but they were not internal voices. It was my brother and his cousin on a vacation and they just happen to walk into the same hotel I was staying at. I stayed with them until my plane left back for CANADA. They got a little bit of my weird story from me.

    Example of one of my visions.
    While I was having visions I saw a rainbow in front of me. I cut through the rainbow and traveled into darkness. From the darkness I could still see the rainbow I passed through. It had what looked like homes or houses in it. When I was looking at them a bright light from a deep darkness came to my right turned and then proceded to travel towards me. The rainbow fled to a place I could not see. The bright light was so bright my eyes felt like they were canged from looking at it. When I saw it from a distance I noticed steps in front of a rectangular shape all white. On the first step appeared to me to be three small men that looked like light beings. The white house aproached and it got very big. I felt like I was fling over the top of it. At the top were four round tube like funnels. These funnels felt like they were sucking all the existing air down them. I felt like I had nothing to breath. I however make it past the moving white house and continued into the darkness. After some time I saw what looked like a light working machine. I feared it. It was scanning the darkness and absorbing all types of light and sorting it out into corresponding rings. I thought if It goes over me I'll be destroyed. I snapped out of it at that point.

    After that experence I learned from the Bible book JOB a few interesting scriptures.
    JOB 20:9 "The eye that has caught sight of him will not do so again, And no more will his place behold him."
    JOB 20:17 "He will never see the water courses, Torrential streams of honey and butter."
    JOB 20:8 "Like a dream he will fly off, and they will not find him; And he will be chased away like a vision of the night."

    JOB 18:20-21"At his day the people in the West will indeed stare in amazement, and a shudder will certainly seize even the people in the East. Only these are the tabernacles of a wrongdoer, And this is the place of one that has not known God."

    JOB 20:26-29" All darkness will be reserved for his treasured things; A fire that no one fanned will eat him up; It will go badly with a survivir in his tent. Heaven will uncover his error, And earth will be in revolt against him. A heavy shower will roll his house away; There will be things poured forth on the day of his anger. This is the share of the wicked man from God, Even his stated inheritance from God,"

    I truely hope those JOB scriptures do not apply to me but I feel they do...maybe I can walk through that and lay a little gold in the darkness like Job did. I do not want to come to an end.

  • Prisca

    Have you been able to control the schizophrenia, Ovis? Have you had any other episodes since this time in Mexico?

    (hope you don't mind me asking - just say if you don't feel discussing it personally)

  • OVIS

    I have a new doctor who put me on vitamins and took me off my regular medication. The vitamins he perscribes to me 3000 mg of Niacin; 1500 mg of vitamin C; B 50 Complex; and 50 mg of zinc per day. I have been fine since I started the vitamin treatment. He says the only side effects are longer life span from the Niacin.

    I still hear voices throughout the day from time to time. I no longer have visions anymore. The JWs I study with tell me to pray to Jehovah asking him to remove the voices... They think they are fallen angels or demonds communicating to me. I told them they could be something else many do not act like demonds. Some only help me others I wish they would leave me alone. Sometimes the ones that help me talk to the others to see if they can stop them from bothering me. They are talking within me right now well I'm typing this message. I never call them. They are just there. Its something I have gotten use to...

  • Solace

    My J.W. family has often said that most people in institutions are in fact demonized.
    My advise,
    Listen to your doctor.

  • Prisca

    It is a common misconception amongst the JWs that "hearing voices" were the demons trying to turn people away from serving Jehovah. Fortunately the thinking is slowly coming into line with the 21st century.

    Good to hear that you are working with your doctor regarding your treatment. Hope that you are able to manage it so you can enjoy a full life.

  • Nemesis

    Oh dear me. If you are genuine, and really are schizophrenic, I would stay well away from the JWs as they will make your current visions negative and will not help you at all by saying there are demonic entities around you. Also I would be careful with Niacin as it is dangerous at high levels and can give you liver damage as it builds up to toxic levels. These large amounts can cause liver damage, diabetes, gastritis, damage to eyes, and elevated blood levels of uric acid (which can cause gout).

    Have you seen other specialists for your illness? Or tried other medications that stop the hallucinations? Please don’t let the JWs fill you head with crap. I hope you can get some peace from this nasty illness.

    PS. Do your voices know tonight’s UK lottery numbers?

  • petespal2002

    What an insulting thing to say to a schizophrenic, do you know tonights lottery numbers. You may have meant it as a joke, but it could be read as a belittleing of a terrible illness!!

  • flower

    I agree, it may not have been intended to hurt but I think that comment was way out of line and downright wrong. An apology is in order.

    Thats like making fun of the bald head of a cancer patient. If you are best friends yea fine, but you dont say something like that to a stranger.


  • Valis

    Ovis, that's not unbelieveable. Mexico is a very mystic place, especially for those unacustomed to the strange. On the beach you get hypnotized by the waves, the jungle sucks you in and freaks you out thinking the pinche' narcos are going to jump out and shoot you for picking their pot, the alchohol goes down quickly and frequently, much more so than home, and the very concept that there was once great civilizations there devoid of Christianity makes one want something more of the "spirit". The important part is do you believe it? I could relate all kinds of hallucinations, vivid dreams, waking dreams, moments of clarity/insanity, but their importance is mainly internal to myself and how I relate them to my overall experience..Especially if they effect my mental state afterwards. All of that biblical correlation is far fetched. My advice would be to let your visions speak for themselves, as the bible also makes reference to seers and their demonic influence. I'm sure Jehovah wouldn't approve. BTW, in case you wanted to reminisce over Mex have a look at my pics...


    District Overbeer

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