Freedom of speech and JW's (of course)

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  • sleepy

    Western lands pride themselves in allowing freedom of speech.
    It has benefits and drawbacks.
    It means that people can be exposed to ideas that are beneficial and true , also ones that are harmful and false.
    For example freedom of speech allows corruption to be revealed by the press and for people to speak out against harsh regimes.
    But also allows religious lies and falsehoods along with racism to be spread.
    When people lack the necessary reasoning skills or are unduly effected by a certain upbringing and background freedom of speech allows people to be taken in by and to spread harmful ideas.
    A good education along with a well balanced upbringing allows people to develop good reasoning and thinking ability that can ultimately improve the way their country is run and to create better lives for the majority.
    When we see a lack of education , impoverished backgrounds and bad parenting this often leads those effected down the wrong path in life , though many have managed to fight their way out.
    Most crime is committed in deprived areas and amongst the people who live in them, where it is also obvious that children haven't the best opportunities in life.
    This can lead to them thinking in a way that is different to others of a different background and they may see crime for example ,as the only way out.
    The point being that background and education can have large effect on us as people.
    So along with freedom of speech we have people from many varied backgrounds , this will alter what they see as a just and fair world to them.
    As long as we want the right to choose what we can say and practise we must allow others to do so , even if we don't agree and really believe are wrong.
    Free access to a good education and upbringing can help people avoid being taken in by flawed reasoning and its results. The key to a better world is to improve the people.
    This can be done and people can be helped to avoid making big errors of judgment (such as becoming a Jehovah’s witness) if we can improve the lives of people in general.
    Better education ,elimination of poverty along with other related factors will surly help change the way many people think.( dream on)
    We can not shut the voice of Jehovah's witnesses , but we can fight for our children , encourage education give them the best chance in life we possibly can.

    Jehovahs witness are a sympton of problems in society , along with a long list of others, by shutting them up you are treating the symptoms rather than the cause.

    What’s the point in fighting Jehovah's witnesses if we don’t play our own part in making life better for people around the world?
    This world and our experiences in it , make us who we are.
    We all effect the world somehow.
    It is good to consider how our actions can effect other people and what this can lead to.
    Maybe the only way to eliminate religions like Jehovah witnesses , is not to shut them up , but to help make the type of people, who do not need to part of this cult like religion and can not be taken in by their flawed version of truth.

  • U.2.K.

    I must be at the wrong Jw board, lol...

  • DakotaRed
    Maybe the only way to eliminate religions like Jehovah witness , is not to shut them up , but to make the type of people, who do not need to part of this cult like religion and can not be taken in by their flawed version of truth.

    I, for one, don't want to shut them up. If we did that, no one would believe what a lying deceiving group of morons they are. The boys in Brooklyn are their own worst enemy. It is up to us to show people that they are by exposing their teachings and innermost secrets.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • gsx1138

    Actually, you're right Red. Until last week I had no idea how many inconsistancies and outright lies the WTS had. It is kind of like Hitler. By the end of WW2 he was a liability to the germans so us killing him would not have worked in our favor. They consistantly manage to contradict themselves much better than we could ever do.

    Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

  • BluesBrother

    Voltaire said

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
    Thus recognizing the value of free speech in a civilised community .

    Re; education. Is it co incidence that during the twentieth century, when education became more and more available, mankind took more and more notice of social issues of welfare ,even animal welfare and a valueing of the environment?

  • singsongboi

    of course, the gb is scared of knowledge.....

    every tightly controlled (totalitiarian) organisation is, and knwledge brings them all undone..

    the chinese communist party once had a high percentage of 'idealists', but after victory over the corrupt (and more 'christian) koumintang in 1949, took the same wrong turning as the GB is taking..

    to keep control in a land that had only known chaos the CCP, cracked down on dissent. they were able to control the flow of information for a long time, but in the end modern communication beat them.

    by the time of tiananmen square, many people had fax machines, and overseas contacts and friends - through these, most of china had some knowledge of the real facts...

    the party had no option, but to allow more freedom, (in spite of the reactionary crackdown in tiananmen square).

    today, faced with being wrong about 1975 and the 'generation' issue, the GB is doing precisely the same as the communists, the nazi's and sundry religious organisations ... censoring information, controlling the flow of information.

    but, in the end the free flow of information will beat them also!!!!!

    even when you have an organisation built of people on the low side of average intelligence, the flow of information will seep through.


    its sad, as a spiritual organisation they could have been different.

  • MrMoe


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