Bibles, What bibles ??

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  • Tech49

    So....... Captain Obvious asks........where are the placement bibles then?

    We have the newly massaged, repainted, sister-proof NWT (with its errors ) to use at all meetings, and when out in the field service.

    But the larger question remains..... if this is an organization that is here to spread the Good News from the HOLY SCRIPTURES, why is it that all the rolly carts and literature counters are chock full of BIBLE TEACH books, but not one bible can be found?

    THERE still ARE NO BIBLES to place in the field, or to give to interested ones! Did Holy Spirit forget about that one?

    My Dear householder: You want your own copy of the Bible, sorry, don't have one. If, by some miracle of miracles, I do happen to find an old black or red one, I can't give it to you..... its OLD LIGHT.

    Yes, they said that the Silver Sword will be available after the first of the year.... but what about placement copies meanwhile?

    Guess we will just keep giving out 16-page coloring books and Bible-substitutes (Bible Teach book). You don't really need a bible, do you? Or you can go to the website and download one!

    Doh. Facepalm....

    Cheers, Tech49

  • Oubliette

    There's nothing quite like a "Bible-based religion" that doesn't have any Bibles to share!

  • leaving_quietly

    They just read a letter to the congs that each cong will get about 50 bibles for placement in a few weeks.

  • Honesty

    Until each congregation receives 50 of the new silver swords the householder will have to get a bible from the Gideons International.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    I said no such thing! Lol

  • andysmiles

    They still don't have Bibles for the kids or those that couldn't make it or didn't bother to come to the meeting. So some still comment using the old one. Even one brother did the bible reading from the old one. And then he got counseled right from the staged being told that it was "bad" for him to use it.

    Then magically new Bibles appeared but not everyone could have them. Only the elders could handle and touch them. :P

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