Can this be true?

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  • tenyearsafter

    I was listening to a news report yesterday that said that after two weeks of being available to the public, only 226 people here in Colorado had signed up for health coverage under the ACA offered through the Colorado State exchange. That seems hard to grasp...the population here is over 5MM, so that works out to .0045% (if my math is correct) of the population signing up for health insurance. The report also mentioned that besides the 226 that actually signed up for insurance coverage, another 2800 created a log in account, but made no insurance purchase.

    Do other States seem to have the same underwhelming response to this program?...either the program is flawed, or there isn't the demand for health coverage that the government anticipated and sold as fact to the American public.

    I do know that my wife's current coverage was cancelled (as not compliant with ACA requirements, whatever that means!), and she now has to buy a new plan that offers lower coverages at a higher cost...something doesn't seem right here!

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  • JWdaughter

    I couldnt even get on the site here in Texas.

    Idon't have any coverage and would actually LIKE some. Go figure.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Lol, I doubt that would be true. Even if only the richest signed up, that would be more than 200 people. Also, your wife's current coverage was cancelled because her employer got greedy. The ACA doesn't force-cancel any insurances from employers, the ACA can give additional coverage where the insurance doesn't comply with minimum requirements though. Did she get what her employer paid for it in a raise? If not, they just gave her an excuse for what is practically a paycut.

  • talesin

    Would this have anything to do with the government shut-down? Isn't that why it is shut down, so that the Obama-care doesn't work?

    Just asking,,, curiously and really truly .... from an outside view, that's what seems to be the problem?

    This is my perception as a non-American, watching the news (and I watch Canadian, and the local Boston ABC and also yes, I do occasionally watch Faux News! lol)

    But seriously, I would think the 'government shut-down' has a lot to do with it ???

  • designs

    Do those in States with GOP governors and majority GOP legislatures experience more problems with ACA than places like California.

    How heavily hacked and cyber attacked do you think the ACA site is experiencing.

  • Comatose

    I can't think those numbers are accurate. Your wife should go to the local paper and give her story. Her boss is a loser. He just used it as an excuse to cut her.

  • tenyearsafter

    Anony mous...actually, the wife's policy was an individual policy...she is self-employed, so I don't know why they cancelled her.

    Designs, in the case of Colorado the Governor is a Democrat, so I doubt it is being sabotaged. I just got the feeling from report that people are just not going to the website to complete the process. could be related to the shutdown, but Colorado has it's own insurance exchange, so I don't know if that is funded by the Feds or not.

    As an update, I heard in a different report today that only 300 have signed up for coverage...crazy.

  • Berengaria

    It's difficult to fact check TYA, where did you hear this report, what are the details?

  • tenyearsafter
    tenyearsafter is difficult to fact check, and that is why I asked if this sounded "true" in line with other States. Both of these reports were from our local news stations here in the Denver area. I am always a little skeptical about "news reports", but this just seemed too crazy to make up. I have been trying to fact check numbers, but I am having a hard time finding definitive verification other than comments like "exchanges have been overwhelmed" or "websites have crashed". It would beinteresting to see what the real numbers are thus far.

    I have heard that 45MM people are unisured and need to register to get in to the "system". Again, I don't know if that is a real number or political rhetoric from either side of the issue talking. If the number is correct, it would seem that this will be a VERY long process if the current sign up challenges persist.

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