State of the WTS?

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  • gsx1138

    No. I know it's in NY. I've been out of the loop for awhile, thank god. Last time I was in we got a talk about how 2/3 of the young people were leaving the "truth". But the number of JW was increasing, figure that one out. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on the rise or decline of the cult. Also, what kind of state do you think the cult as a whole is in. My hope is that it falls like a house of cards but there are the hardcore JW's who will never leave.

    Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

  • NameWithheld

    Well, it's always been that many of the young generation strikes out on their own for a bit. Many of those return to the WTBTS though, due to the massive amount of guilt that was instilled in them from an early age. The recent trends have been, and this is all anecdotal(sp?) , that more and more of the young generation either leaves entirely or lead 'double lives' - proving they are not buying into the WTBTS message of gloom and doom. This is especially true in 'western' lands where things are pretty good, and information flows freely.

    As to the WTBTS increasing, that is due in a large part to countries where the general population is in poverty, or poor living conditions. Lands like Africa and Brazil are booming for the JWs. The message of a paradise is appealing, and the religion is young there. People are not tired of the years and years of empty promises like they are in lands where the JWs have been strong for a long time.

    As to it collapsing, I doubt it. I think it will continue to decline, but there are a LOT of people in it who have the mental capacity that if they walked in on a Governing Body group orgy they would dismiss it without a second though "Oh they're just imperfect men". Those are your hardcore JWs. Nothing phases them.

    One other item to consider is the real area of interest to the WTBTS, money. It's drying up. The countries that are growing are poor ones, and cannot send the $$$ that the WTBTS are used to. And in lands like the US the JWs are in such a state of apathy, the $$$ are WAY down. And trust me, THAT's got the old men more worried than avg hours in FS, # of pubs, or mags printed!

  • Teirce

    I tend to think that a constant percentage of world population is mentally damaged and/or unformed enough to buy into it. That constant will never alter. The WTS just has to keep drilling. It has some likeness to the case of prospecting for oil. There are untapped world endowment (50 years of petroleum left on this planet), there are reserves which are pockets that have been speculated and marked, there are the methods of drilling and the methods of refining. All the reserves of surface oil are gradually drying up, but there are vast amounts of oil in dangerous areas (undersea) that will require a significant increase of technology to extract economically. Unless that technology emerges, that oil may remain there for some time, pushing everyone towards electrocars, et al, the sooner.

    The WTS has to find new technologies for extracting equal resource from increasingly unwealthy and uneducated populations. Or, they must cut back their requirements and overhead. They do appear now to be playing the part of the desert succulent, which gorges on water in favorable season, and withdraws in unfavorable. It's hard to see where the next surge of economic moisture will come from, but there's always the energetic tug of politics which by shear odds always have a chance of happening in such a way that they can retroactively pronounce that it was forseen just so, and send even the wealthy western foxhole seat-warmers for their wallets. (I think, I may be wrong.)

  • Carmel

    I think those that return do so out of FEAR more than guilt. JMHO.


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