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  • Tammie

    Did you know it is against the law to say the word prayer out loud on an airplane?

    I was watching tv last night and this man was nearly arrested. He has been a christian for over 30 years.

    He was on an airplane here in the United States, with his wife and another friend. He made the comment "We need to pray for Israel.", to his wife.
    He was pulled off the plane by some men and the police. They told him, that it is against the law to say the word prayer on an airplane. They went to call him a radical. He said how can I be a radical, when I obey the laws, and pay my taxes? He is just one of your every day christians.

    He was not allowed to reboard the plane, he had to find another means of travel.

    If you are wondering how long ago this happened, he said it happen this past week.

  • Naeblis

    Understandable, especially right now. Praying on the plane sometimes happens right before hijackers take over or blow themselves up. Sounds oppressive and it even might be, but I can see where they are coming from.

  • simplesally

    I think this has to be an urban legend. I have seen many people say prayers before take-off......

  • animal

    Most of the feel-good safety bullshit going on is nothing more than a failed attempt at making people feel safer.

    I was in the Phoenix airport last nite, dropping my son off. We couldnt go beyond the "security area", made up of ribbon barricades. As my son wandered thru there, I asked my wife how far she thought I could get before getting stopped. She said "dont do it".... hahha... I wasnt gonna, but explained that IF I was a suicide bomber, standing where I was, being my size and weight I could easily make it past the guard at the exit and into the terminals, hand on the trigger. She agreed. She also got a little scared at how easy it would be.

    Its all smoke and mirrors, folks.


  • simwitness

    I don't pray on take-off, I pray before landing!

    (Think of it this way, if you never get off the ground, you have a real good chance of surviving a crash, but once you are off the ground, chances of surviving a "bad" landing are not so good.)


  • Tammie

    I ment to say the word prayer, not the action of prayer.

  • Satanus

    This just proves how powerful prayer is. It's up there w box cutters, bombs and guns. Careful how you use it folks.


  • Prisca


  • funkyderek
    Did you know it is against the law to say the word prayer out loud on an airplane?

    Which law specifically? It sounds like such a law would violate the First Amendment. When exactly did this incident take place? Do you have sources?

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