My Son is 21 Today!

by yodastar 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • yodastar

    Well what a great day! To see my son reach 21 and be a well rounded man free of guilt and fear by not being raised in a cult (well from 5 yrs on) is amazing.

    To able to ring your child and wish him happy birthday and congratulate him is a fantastic thing for any parent. To be able to remember your child's day of birth with the joy and celebration it deserves is really very nice!!

    It's so cruel that some cult would tell you that you shouldn't celebrate that amazing day. Mind blowing in fact - but it is totally ok to go to as many funerals as you can, socialise and talk about that persons life and rewards to come.

    My son said - hey Dad what did you get up to on your 21st? I seriously could not remember if there any note of it in my mind. It was just another day, no big deal really.

    I guess the reason of my post is the freedom of now not having some organisations rules dominating our world is that we can literally just enjoy every day for what it is and celebrate this fantastic thing called life with no regrets. Cheers

  • confuzzlediam

    How fun!! My daughter turned 21 last month. I feel the same way about her...she is an amazingly beautiful young woman and I am so proud of who she is becoming. She graduated in March with an Associate's Degree and is going to the local university this fall for her Bachelor's Degree. My x-sil and I took my daughter out for drinks a couple of days after her birthday and had a blast!! She too is free of the guilt that I grew up with and I couldn't be more happy for her!


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