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  • Spartacus

    I'm really into Politics and Current events. I'm more of the Libertarian type. I voted Bush the last election, Clinton before. I am a member of the Urban League and Habitat for Humanity and also a foster parent of 3 and 2 of our own, 5 kids, dang we are busy but we have a lot of fun, ages 12, 11, 10, 9 and 14 months, the 12 and 14 month are our natural kids, 2 boys, 3 girls.

    2 of the foster kids are white ages 9, 11 and I can tell you racism is taught at home by the example parents set, kids are not born with it. I have some ineresting experiences having 2 white kids in my home via public reaction, nothing really bad but interesting.

    Since I left the JW's in 1996 I have replaced it with politics and issues regarding African Americans. I have made a host of internet friends many I've met personally. And many other good people who are actually active in helping our community. I find these are the people who make it happen and they seem to be more balanced in their views, not whiners but doers.

    My question is, if you are a X-JW how have your views changed regarding civic duties.

    Do you have any interest in politics and current events?

    Have you voted yet, what are your political leanings?

    Or are you still stuck in the JW mud? You know, you have not gotten over your wonderful JW experience. LOL

    Peace, Sparky

  • revdrjohnson

    Very conservative: both politically and spiritually. (One of the 95% of AFAmers who are -- according to the statistics from the last election)

    Voted for "W" but WOULD HAVE voted for Alan if he'd been successful -- and watch him occasionally on MSNBC, though I do find him somewhat overly-argumentative.

    When I FIRST escaped the b'ORG, though, I was pretty liberal -- even voted for Jesse in both primaries. Ronald Reagan turned me around to "The Party." I thought GHW was pretty cool, too. And I'll vote for "W" again, in 2004.

    Keep the Faith


  • borgfree

    I am a lot like the Rev. I consider myself somewhere to the right of Rush Limbaugh.

    A couple of years after leaving the WT I registered as a Republican. I voted for Alan Keyes in the primary but he did not get past that. I felt like GW was sort of forced on us as a candidate, so in resentment, I voted Libertarian.

    I consider myself more of an independant now but will not vote for anyone liberal.


    "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Ziggy
  • Carmel


    Like you I became very politically active in the first years out of the borg. Joined the Young Republicans, The John Birch Society, then took up Political Science as a major in college. After bathing myself in partisan politics for a few years it became obvious to me that that was not what would solve problems or bring people together. I completed a minor in Poly Sci then changed my major. Got enough of the humanities and chose hard science for a career. No regrets!

    I still find the contentiousness of politics degrading and not very productive. I appreciate the American system for its possitive elements, by alas, partisanship is not one of them. Too much energy wasted on "getting elected" and not enough on finding morally acceptable solutions to problems. Leadership under our political system is measured in how much money you can raise for your campaign, how well your image is promulgated to the voting public, and once elected what gets me re-elected rather than what is best for the body politic.

    Don't get me wrong, our system has much going for it in terms of checks and balances but it also has much that needs to be changed and I frankly don't see those changes coming down the road soon, so I choose to put my energies into things that I think I can effect change. Yes, I began voting as soon as I was eligible and continue to do so, but I don't get involved in campaigning, electioneering or arguing the merits of one politician or party over another..

    carmel thinking globally, acting locally

  • Spartacus

    revdrjohnson, on Alan Keys, when his show first started I found him "somewhat overly-argumentative" too but as the weeks past by he found a balance. I love the guy, he stands up for right and will not back down from radicals and leftist liberals.

    But some things I don't agree with him on such as the "drug war".

    I found a new issue to be concerned about and that is privatizing prisons. Some companies who are in the prison business are now on the New York stock exchange. I find this alarming because these people lobby in support of the drug war and lobby for more punitive jail sentences and more laws that land people in prison. The long prison terms do not fit the non-violent crimes. It’s a business that are making us victims of its’ profit machine.

    This is appalling, I have more thoughts on this issue and save them for later but I think everyone should be concerned about this issue.

    borgfree, you, I and the rev are similar in our views. I tell you though my experience is many XJW's are still stuck in the mud and I hope they will replace their past JW life with something that actually help people in the community. I'm certainly encouraging it because there is a lot of great talent among us XJW's, the world needs us.

    Peace, Sparky

  • Spartacus

    Carmel, good for you, it's great that you found civics interesting and you are active in the community.

    I agree with you on your points about making adjustments in our political system. But it take people like you and I to make some noise about things that needs changing. But also as you have done, educate ourselves on how the political system works. Props to you carmel!

    Please look into the private prison business and tell me you don't smell something rotten. If you have thoughts on that, anyone, please comment on it.

    I really like this carmel, you said......carmel thinking globally, acting locally

    We need each other, we need to get over all the sorry hang-ups heaped on us by past generations. Acting locally is where many of us can be very useful indeed.

    Peace, Sparky

  • Seeker4


    I'm a journalist, and covering politics is a big thing for me, so I found myself getting political before I left the JWs. Kind of funny. I've been voting for probably five years. Have too many disagreements with both parties to ever join either one, so I find myself listening to the candidate and voting accordingly.

    I like a lot of the libertarian thinking as well, but I tend to try to find what works without party consideration. I also find a lot of the political scene demeaning and foolish, and the candidates (as in the last presidential election) are often just such sorry cases.

    My state is looking into instant run-off voting, where you rate the candidates by your first and second choices, so you don't have to "throw away" a vote as it were, if you're most interested in a third party candidate.

    Glad to hear you're involved.

  • ConnieLynn

    I was pretty excited to start voting, I had to register first, which took me a bit to figure out...then of course even longer to develop an opinion. But I have one now, which is really a big step being an ex-JW. I consider myself socially liberal and economically conservative. I work in finance so I love staying up to date on politician’s economic viewpoint. But I am not a social conservative by any means, which I think isn't typical for ex-JW's that I have been reading here.

    As far as getting involved, I am on the board of my local Chamber of Commerce and serve on a few committees (not judicial) which is fun because I feel like I am contributing to my community.

  • Spartacus

    Aye Seeker, we go way back, nice to see you, heck I did not know you were a journalist, that's cool beans man.

    Yeah, after leaving I was always pissed at myself about being duped and serving the Borg for 18 years. I was tired of the stuck in the xJW self-pity mud. I had to find something to change my attitude so I found helping people and civic actions and awareness was the thing for me.

    Well if you like Libertarian views check this web site...

    and http://nextright.blogspot.com/

    NextRight is a friend of mines, his web site have googles of Libertarain links, it's a huge Libertarian cyber world out there, enjoy!!!

    Being a journalist you'll find all kinds of cool and FRESH opinions and current news stories. Lots and lots of news. Have fun on the Blog!!

  • rebelledat12

    I registered to vote as soon as I turned 18. I've voted in all elections over the last six years. I follow the old motto that if you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain. I voted for Ralph Nader in the last election (ducking).

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