Elijah Class

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  • badboy

    In the May 1 WT 2002, it mantions the Elijah Class.

    Are they the same as the 144,000?

  • Bang

    The Elijah class?

    No wonder fires are in order.

  • TheOldHippie

    Yep, they are.

  • Leander

    Where did this whole class thing originate from? Is there a scriptural basis for there being so many different classes?

  • blondie

    Actually the Elijah Class are those of the anointed that were associated with the Bible Students before 1918. After 1918 when the anointed were inspected by Jehovah and Jesus, then any anointed coming in after that were the Elisha Class (remember Elisha did double the miracles Elijah did). It's in an old study publication.

  • Carmel

    Hey just wait a cottin pickin minuter here! This here's the Eligah, got my own cave to prove it! If you don't believe me chech with zerubbelballs, he'll set ya straight.

    caveman from carmel

  • NameWithheld

    This whole class thing is yet another way for JW leaders to make the rank and file feel smart yet totally confuse them at he same time. <JW nods head in agreement during "Elijah" class WT study - leaves with NO understanding as to what they were saying>

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