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  • somebody

    Please tell me what your opinions are.

    What is the difference if I said......

    I EXPECT you to act and do as I instruct you all to.


    You MUST act and do as I instruct you all to.

    Is there a difference in the two sentences?

    Are you led to believe that one demand would lead to ramifications or a penalty if you don't follow what I say and do as I tell you? Would any of the two statements leave room for you all to feel freedom to make your own conscience decisions and that would be that, if you found that your conscience disagreed with my rules?

    If so, ,please explain the difference between how the sentences are worded if they were both coming from an authority figure... or lets just say, a higher source.

    what is the difference in the two words? MUST, and EXPECTED?

    You can give examples if you'd like.


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  • waiting

    geeez, I feel like I'm being setup. I expect you to be kind.

    When these words come from an authority figure, and we are in an inferior position to that person/corp. - both words denote power over the situation - and consequences if their words or expectations aren't met.

    Parents know that "I expect you to be home by 10 pm" means the same thing as "Boy, you better be home by 10 pm" or "You must be home by 10 pm." Kids know that too - or should.

    "Expect" just sounds more politically correct, but anybody who knows the system will get the message, and know the consequence. People might get their hackles up if a corp said "You must......"

    JW's know their system from an inferior point of view - and the powers that be know the superior point of view.....just like any other corporation. We just didn't get profit sharing - which is rather crappy, imho.


  • LDH
    edited for gramma and spelling errors, per usual {before Lisa catches them!}

    Hi girl!

    You are a day late and a dollar short Gwen, LOL.


  • somebody

    [email protected]

    I'm gonna hire you, girl! I mean... I'm going to hire you. You are priceless!


    I thank you for your opinion. You see what I see. And a corp di not say "you must". But in one article they said both. That followers mustn't, but are "expepected" to. And this same corp actually compared a student in school being expelled for not meeting the educational reqirements of the school,to students of the corp being symbolically handed over to satan the devil for not meeting the corp's requirements.

  • WildHorses

    I EXPECT you to act and do as I instruct you all to. (What you expect isn't always what you get)

    You MUST act and do as I instruct you all to.
    (A command usually gets result)

    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • Gopher

    For me, I'm like a child. I want to know why, why, why!

    If my superior at work says "We've promised to get a new product to our agents by May 15th, and here's what has to be done to meet the deadline", that would be a far more motivational way for the message to be delivered, than for someone to say "YOU MUST have this done by May 15th" (with the implication being, "or else you're a major failure in my book".)

    If a person who is giving the urgent demands can explain WHY something is necessary, and what particular pressure THEY MAY BE UNDER to deliver a certain output by a certain time, then I as a subordinate would be far more understanding and even motivated to go "above and beyond" to help meet the demand.

    The same ideas work, in principle, in family life -- although with children sometimes the main reason is "because I'm your parent". But there really are very good reasons "why" for most of the demands we may put upon our children. If we would only take a minute to think ahead and include a simple explanation of the "why", we may get the desired results in the family.

    As for the congregation -- never mind, I won't be going to any congregations any time soon!


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