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  • Smitty

    Hi all,
    The Pope is considering adopting a child abuse policy similar to JW's. They've already accepted the policy of 'One strike you’re out'. Now they're considering applying it to those cases that involve pass offences. It appears the public likes it and most Catholics approve of this policy. If they do, all will be well in CatholicLand. So, we mines well accept it too. JW's are really looking good now. NO Dateline for sure. The only ones that would be interested in it is JW's. No money in that.

    Look and see:

  • Bodhisattva

    So the Catholic Church will promptly start threatening victims of child sexual abuse with excommunication if they tell anyone?

  • Quandary

    You mentioned "NO Dateline for sure." Do you have a reliable source who is stating the Dateline will NOT run the story?? I can't believe that the Watchtower's PR dept is THAT good!

    Please expand.


  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea
    The Pope is considering adopting a child abuse policy similar to JW's

    How did you get that out of this article??? It made absolutely no mention or implied that the Catholic Church would be adopting a child abuse policy similar to the dubs.

    The only thing that I could see where someone might get that out of it IF they really wanted was where it said:

    But distinguishing an actual crime from an allegation remained a thorny issue. “How do you handle it when someone comes up and says someone has done something wrong?” one of the participants, Cardinal Edward Egan of New York, asked Wednesday morning.
    “Do you immediately walk away from that person? Can you [presume] that he is accused and therefore he is guilty? How do you approach it?” he asked reporters.
    “Well, one bishop may say, ‘I think he is a pretty fine fellow, and I want to look into this before I make any decision.’ Another might say, ‘I want to send him away for psychological studies to see what experts say,’ ” Egan said.
    “That would be one of the things we have to figure out, and I don’t think you can vilify either position,” said Egan, who is accused of having transferred pedophile priests from parish to parish when he was in an earlier post in Connecticut.

    Did I miss something??

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