Big Basin Redwood State Park, Too Beatiful!

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  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    I went on a 12mile hike by my lonesome monday(4/22) thru the Big Basin state park and I highly reccomend it. I live only 55 miles away from Felton CA. and didn't even know anything about it until my wife showed me the article in the news paper. Well it is so beautiful that word do it no justice.

    The giant redwoods are everywhere and while it is easy to lose your direction the park service has signs and markers every intersection to help you find your way. It did get a little scary as it was getting dark and I was by myself and no flashlight, but the feel one gets being alone and in the darkening woods filled with these giants is well worth it. The sound that one hears when it gets dark are scary and comforting.

    I plan to camp there by myself(not at the campsites) for a few days this summer. It only cost 5 bucks per car.

    If you would like to go there call this # 831-338-8861 have a nice spring and summer.

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