Using Google Chrome Browser. Search feature does not work?!

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  • kairos

    When I click on the search bar to enter text, the screen refreshes.

    Been this way since the software forum upgrade.

    Is there a setting I need to check in Chrome?


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    try a different browser or reset chrome in settings and see if it works.

    I used to love chrome, but now youtube vids have no sound and i'm loathe to reset it. Opera is starting to look like a better browser.

  • Simon

    Ah, I thin it's the site search where it's added to the browser. Yes, I haven't re-added support for that yet.

    You can still do a site specific search with Google though, just prefix the url with "site:" and then the search term, e.g. you'd enter this in the search box: interview with an apostate

    (ignore the icon, there is no gap between the site: and the domain name.

    Hope that helps, I'll look at adding the site search back as part of he next update I'm working on.

  • kairos

    Thanks. I have some things I would like to look up and do not want to just start new threads when these have been covered. If I have something to add I may bump it up after a comment.

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