Just read the script for Star Wars Episode 2

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  • bboyneko

    Last year when I read the script for episode 1 months before it was released I was like nah..this cant be the real script. And then I saw the movie and it went exactly as scripted. :)

    So yeah, from what I read this one is VERY political, very confusing but very cool also.

    *****SPOILERS AHEAD***************

    Yoda fights count Dokoo and when count dokoo sends ligthning at yoda, yoda balls it up and sends it back at dokoo. Yoda will use a minature lightsaber to fight, and in the beginning of the fight he wont even budge from where he stands, we will just stand there and deflect all of dokoo's attacks.

    Annakins mom died, anakin gets his arm cut off by dokoo, both these events send him to the dark side with hate..or rather start to. At the end of the movie he is not darth vader yet.

    We meet lars owen and aunt beru.

    It turns out Padme originally puts on c3po's outer covering.

    Boba fett is a clone of jango fett. Mace windu kills jango. It is implied that jango gets his head severed.

    Many many many jedi die. They get slaughtered by driods, but then the day is saved when clone-troopers come at the last monute. So these early storm troopers are actually good guys.

    Obi wan gets his ass kicked by count dokoo

    Wanna know who put the emperor in power? Jar jar binks!!! He puts the deciding vote granting emperor palpantine supreme power. Jar jar stops talking in his stupid messa so dumb talk and talks in dignified english. He sometimes slips back into jar jar talk.

    Darth Tyranus and count dokoo are the same people. Duh!

    Anakin gets revenge on the tusken raiders who killed his mom by slaughtering their village. This is his first use of the dark side.

    If anyone wants the script ill email it to you.

  • Southland

    I tried sending you an email to [email protected] and was told that is not a valid account?

  • bboyneko

    my email is [email protected]

    i thought my profile had been changed to reflect that? lemme check it again

  • Jeremy Bravo
    Jeremy Bravo


    Fire one here. Those spoilers seem kinda weird to me. I gotta read this myself.


  • D8TA

    Ack...the (or that) script has missing pages. Seen two versions so far myself both with pgs. 80-89 cut out. They are also cutting the part where Padme and Anakin visit her family on Naboo.


  • Elsewhere

    shoot a copy over to [email protected].

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    yes! I'd like a copy.... please send to : [email protected]


    Just curious...are you East Coast or West Coast (you don't have to answer if you don't care to)

  • Reborn2002

    With all due respect bboyneko, some of the information you posted in your first post is incorrect. The character played by Christopher Lee is pronounced Count Dooku. You can just as easily go to the Official Website for StarWars at www.starwars.com and in the databank find this for yourself. It is not implied in the film that Jango Fett is decapitated, you SEE his helmet on the ground removed from his body. Most of what you posted is correct though.

    If you would like a REAL copy of the StarWars Episode II - Attack of the Clones script, feel free to email me at the email address provided in my profile.

    It is 110 pages long in Microsoft Word format. The script was leaked in Australia as found in the USAToday.com article and on the AICN Review.

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  • bboyneko

    the best part is the young boba fett picks up the helmet..what if he is decapitated? That would make him pretty mad.

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