No online Bible on Watchtower site, Why?

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  • pseudoxristos
    The publication and distribution of Bibles and Bible literature by Jehovah's Witnesses is part of a worldwide Bible educational work that is supported by voluntary donations.

    emphasis added

    Interesting statement just above the picture of the New World Translation.

    I never thought about it, but if the Watchtower is so interested in worldwide Bible education, then why don't they have an online version of the NWT?

    I needed to quote several verses from the NWT, but my 1995 Watchtower Library doesn't seem to work. It looks like the only choice I have is to find a Witness and come up with the required voluntary donation for a new CD.

  • TR

    The obvious answer, to me anyway, is money and cult-like manipulation. Just in case any lurking JW's might want to know.


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  • SixofNine

    Good question, and one that glared at me as I was seeing the org w/o the lenses of brainwashing I had been given at birth.

    The worlds most amazing and effective mass communication tool, bar none, and they don't even make use of it to publish god's word.

    A question that ranked, for me, right up there with: Why, after a century of preaching, does the general public so often feel the need to ask the JW on their doorstep, "so, are you guys Christian"?

  • outcast

    For your own personal copy of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures and the latest copies of the Watchtower and Awake, please attend your nearest Kingdom Hall.

    < Sorry, due to low contributions we are currently out of the green NWT>

  • pseudoxristos

    One thing that always got me was that Witnesses always stress the fact that they don't pass a collection plate in their services.

    Isn't going door to door asking for donations, kind of like taking a collection plate to all of their neighbor's house?

  • rmayer32

    Having been out since 1989 how do they work the "donation" thing nowasdays???

  • Disposable Hero
    Disposable Hero

    I've wondered too, why is there not a Bible and all of their works on the Watchtower site. They have the money and the cheap labour to do it. Like SixofNine mentioned, the best communication tool for information is right now, and the Watchtower society will not use it. It would be cheaper for every witness if the society published their works on the net. But you know what, the society could not ask witnesses to donate money for the printing process, because there would not be any printing process. So the society would lose their bread and butter if they printed their stuff on the net.

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  • pseudoxristos

    From what I remember, when placing literature at the door, they state that "The World Wide Work is supported by voluntary contributions". (Witness is then suppose to extend hand at this point for those who don't get this subtle hint) (just kidding). One of the brothers I studied with also made the same statement while he was working the magazine counter when I was getting the 1995 Watchtower library. (Witness is then suppose to point to the contribution box). I was fairly new at the time so he informed me that he was required to do this on more expensive items.

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