UK Newsnight: Abuse in the Catholic church

by Simon 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    Special report all about the abuse scandal in the US catholic church.

    "It's lost more respect that Enron"

    More public attention for a very important subject. Newsnight is a very well respected BBC new programme in the UK.

  • Seven

    The scandal has been all over CNN here today and was a major part of Talk Back Live. This evening on CNN at 8:00PM(est), a special including updates from the cardinal's conference will be aired.

  • Simon

    Well, it's *big news* here now too!

    Hopefully, this will let people know that it ISN'T ok to *not* report things and for kids to know to speak out.

    Whatever religion is involved we want it stopped and of course we hope that all religions get their fair share of attention from the media ...

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