"New Light" Annual Meeting Oct 2013" Olive Branch Extended To Apostates and Unfaithful JWs.

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  • AuntConnie

    It's absurd to think Jehovah's Slave should take heed or listen to advice from the ever growing mob leaving the Organization. Still, it's your problem you can't keep pace with our Present Truth as we continue to evolve. Why should we listen to the the vast army of Apostates and Evil Slaves, they don't want a gente, more humble Org, they need to fight fire with fire! Leave the Organization along, they are a baby infant if you stack them side by side Christendom and Bablon the Great. Martin Luther was back in the 1500s, 600 years of growing their doctrine so allow us time to get things wrong! Let's stop bitching and complaining about the "Past Truth" and possible "Future Truth", crying won't get you Saved. You need the loving support and comfort only "Jehovah's Faithful Slave" is going to provide you. Rumors are flying around the Watchtower Organization is going to offer you a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card if you will humble yourself and submitt to our New Light! Nobody want's anyone to die, using Isaiah 1, Jehovah's Slave and your local BOE can forgive your sins making you spiritually whole again!

    Watch for the New Light coming in Octoboer of 2013, Apostates and ex-JWs will be given a clean slate to rejoin the Prophets of Truth and hop on our bandwagon. If you act now and accept this offer, you can enjoy a slow ride before we attract a uneven and large flock we can't control.


  • prologos

    thank you AC " --we are EVOLVING--"

    Evolution is true,

    WT light evolves

    from old to Noo.

    and back.

    Beroean Picket (sign)

  • Hillary

    LOL. Almost like amnesty? Like a local library setting aside a day that everyone can return all of their overdue library books without having to pay a fine. I think the police department also offered something similar where there was a day that people could turn in their illegal firearms, no questions asked, no fines or penalties.

  • baltar447

    LOL! No way! I wouldn't want to be trapped in a cult again...

  • free2Bme13

    You know aunt Connie, maybe YOU shouldn't be posting on an apostate site if you're a future CO's wife. Did you think of that? Furthermore, apostates don't need or want a clean slate from the org. We have realized them to be the high-mind control organization that they are. We don't need forgiveness of our sins in order to be whole. It's quite liberating to realize. If anything the GB needs a clean slate for the lies they've perpetuated and families they have ruined. Next time you want to get on your soapbox, share it with your car group. Or are you afraid you'll be labeled an apostate and your prominence will be ruined? Frankly, you deserve to be a CO's wife; having to be in a different congregation every week where everyone has their own cliques and you're not included.


    AC is a satirical genius. To this day, many are not sure if AC is an apologist or not. Thanks for the "invite" AC.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Aunt Connie did make me wonder how many people would come back, hat in hand, and go back to their old lives if the path was made straight and clear. So what would it take to make you people go back? If the JWs reformed itself, let people question doctrine, read other peoples' religious material, baptize their own children and make weekly meetings truly optional. "We realize our youth are dating and want to have a good time, so meetings are not to be forced on them. It's also an excellent time to foster trust," the Governing Body said in an announcement released earlier today. "As for our elderly members, we encourage them to attend weekly meetings; however, we understand that once the kids are out of the house, they may want to spend more time together." And finally, "We now fully encourage our children to seek higher education as the glory of God is intelligence. We cannot be in the world but not of the world unless we know about the world and the people in it. We also cannot be a light unto the world if our batteries are old, tired and lack vigor. It's good and proper we should occasionally question ourselves, so we urge our elders to show the same sort of compassion towards others as they would themselves. Disfellowshipment as a disciplinary device should only be used to quell outright rebellion where the member shows not the proper respect."

    That would be a good step, but would it cause anyone to come back?

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    My dear Auntie Con,

    You are always good for a laugh or two.

    If only the GB would listen to your voice!!

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    "This is the first time I feel free to converse with my underlings, individuals who cause my pain and suffering. Are you familiar with terms my heart is going through, I feel very empty inside, is it from "compassion overload", "love burnout" or "apathy to the chronic complaining of sick and mentally ill witnesses.". The duties of the elderettes is not easy, we loose our husbands time from stupid shit, cold dinners because bat-shit debbie's toliet spilled out (from stufffed sanitary napkins and tampoons) into the street, and my husband spends three hours to "snake" her drain." We could have a beautiful dinner if poor JWs with iphones would downsize their spending and call a plumber. Life sucks right now!"

    You could read her whole 1st thread here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/244055/1/Good-Reasons-To-Hate-Every-Weak-And-Ex-Jehovah-Witness

    Need I point out anything more from Aunt Connie? Yet despite her comments she wants all the big bad apostates to change and run back to the "truth."

    "You need the loving support and comfort only "Jehovah's Faithful Slave" is going to provide you." If you read anymore you'll see all the love and support she has to offer.... People like you so full of hate are the reason ex-jw's and faders lose out so hard when they leave because you easily contaminate others with venom. You're a hypocrite and you know it.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Aunt Connie, you are the best kind of apostate. Keep it up

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    it-1 p. 126 Apostasy: This term in Greek (a·po·sta·si a) comes from the verb a·phi ′ ste·mi, literally meaning “stand away from.”The noun has the sense of “desertion, abandonment or rebellion.”

    Yup, those definitions definitely apply to me - I have "stood away from"and have "deserted, abandoned, and rebelled" (cautiously) all the apostate teachings oozing out of the minds of the modern-day Pharisees - our CLERGY, the MASTERS of OUR FAITH, and self-appointed RELIGIOUS LEADERS in NY state.

    Any lurkers disagree with this description of the GB? Try and question what they repeatedly force-feed you at meetings etc. and see what happens to you!

    Oh, I'm just an 'apostate', what do I know? Read the September 2007 Kingdom Ministry 'Question Box' - then waken up and find who has replaced Christ as your Lord and Master!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I'm really looking forward to watching Jesus killing my neighbor's babies from the safety of Jehovah's chariot. I'll repent my evil ways tomorrow, or maybe the next day... or maybe after the party on the weekend... or after the fishing trip with the local heathens...

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