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  • U.2.K.

    Anybody Have any Crazy Dreams lately?

    I had 3 Dreams last month, about A.r.m.a.g.e.d.d.o.n., Even tho Nobody knows how it's gonna look, We do know that it's The War between King Jesus Vs satan,... Anyway I was dreaming that I was hid(save) on the day of the lord, Fire & Brimstone was every where, and after armageddon took place, The earth switch back into a paradise, and then I woke up crying for about 6 min's...

    Could of been a dream from Jehovah God, But since Jesus Christ is in control right time, could of been from him...


    Blessd are those Servants, Whom the lord
    when he cometh shall find Watching

    Only Wish to Breed, I exploded to a million seeds,
    "y'all Remeber me" Legendary Lived Eternally- The General

  • TheEye

    Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

  • avengers

    I thought Armageddon came in 1874, or was it 1914, or 1925, or was it 1947, or was it 1975, or 2001 ? Which one did you dream about???

  • singsongboi

    great cartoon in our main newspoaper last sat. (sydney morning herald)

    it showed a destroyed palestinian village, with a big sign.

    Coming soon!!


    Featuring a realistic LAST DAYS experience.

    * Light show - you'll gasp!!

    * Seas turned to blood - you'll shudder!!

    * Resurrections - you'll tremble!!

    * Pit roasted sinners - you"ll laugh!!

    * World's End ride - you'll scream!!

    PLUS - all your favourite religious characters.

    AND hunky angels, gorgeous saints, cute cherubim..

  • SYN

    Damn, I thought Armageddon happened in 1975! Guess I missed out on that, huh? Considering how I wasn't even born at the time and all?

    During a code review, when I asked why there was not a comment in 240,000 lines of code which was getting handed to me for maintenance, the programmer replied, "I'm terse."

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