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  • Simon

    Just wanted to say hello to our new members - I notice that Frenchy and Seven et al have been giving you a warm welcome (thanks guys/gals).
    We hope you enjoy the forum and find it useful.
    - Si

  • waiting

    I second your thoughts, Simon, in welcoming our new friends. Sure hope they visit again.

    Hi, welcome, come again.

  • lady 45
    lady 45

    hi simon it has been nice coming in on your site, though a friend I got to know about your site
    thanks for welcoming me on? thanks and have a great day(lady 45

  • RevFrank

    hey Simon! I may not be new, but then again anything that happens will happen. As I see it, it's a great spot(this web site) to seek out and try to understand scripture as it is, not what someone thinks it is. Oh I'm sure there are plenty who'll use divine providence and add on what they think it may be applied.

    Wishing not to offend, but some may take it that way personally. At the same time the first release of the Christin Greek Scriptures is sure different then today's NWTHS.(usually in green)

  • hillbilly


  • minimus

    Yes, Simon and I would love to welcome you.

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