Blair: UK population is stupid!

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  • Simon

    ... well, it may as be the headline:,,30000-1049332,00.html

    It's actually: "NHS On The Mend"

    Tony Blair says the National Health Service is already showing signs of improvement following the Government's commitment to a radical shake-up of the system.

    The Prime Minister was speaking after the decision in the Budget to raise National Insurance contributions in order to help boost the NHS.

    Mr Blair said in a TV interview that health service staff had already acknowledged "real signs of improvement".

    Wow ... the budget was on Tuesday with the increased funding only starting next year and yet tangible improvements are already well underway ... wow, I'm impressed.

    Unless of course it's just that Mr Blair thinks me and the rest of the population are just plain dumb!

  • Simon

    um ... you need to copy / paste the URL

  • invisible

    Yes, but the factremains Simon that all things considered, Tony Blair and the Labour Party are not doing so bad in juggling all the issues at present. Putting it into context, see the country as one hell of a big business. Look at the state that the last administration left this country in, can you remember the state of it, I think people can forget all to easily, it was absolutely dire. Millions upon millions of pounds in national debt, the New Labour Party have transformed this situation, turned it around, away from boom and bust scenarios and their spending plan is aligning now with very long term economic growth amidst a world in turmoil and tribulation. In fact only recently, we went from 5th richest country into 4th place, not bad at all considering our size, these things take time, but at least they seem to be far more adept at being socially responsible.

    Politics and religion aghhhhhhhh.


  • Francois

    Lessee E-Boy. You gots a politician what is implying that the population of which he is the leader is stupid. That would make the politician a Liberal I bet. Am I right?


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