Why don't they practise what they preach?

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  • sleepy

    Why don't they practise what they preach?
    We were always being told to do our return visits quickly, even on the same day.
    So how come when you send a letter to Bethal it takes weeks to get a reply?
    Last time it took two letters and more than six weeks to get a reply.
    I've only waited two weeks for my current letter, so I must have at least another four to go.

  • BluesBrother

    A cynical person might suggest that:-

    1) return visits are done by the rank & file, so cost nothing to the Borg.

    2) replies to letters cost money, we were at one time discouraged from writing and adding to their burden,which distracted from the preaching work.

    3)limited resources are put to this activity, and if you write to Brooklyn it is only referred to the home Bethel - which in our case is London - even if you especially ask for a reply from Brookyn..

    But then , thats what a cynical person might think

  • SYN

    Why don't they practice what they preach? Because they couldn't care less! Dictatorships are not renowned for listening to their subjects, now are they?

    Seven006: "Have you tried drugs? Shooting up a little heroin might do the trick, it's hard to type when your stoned out of your mind. I don't know how TR does it!"

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