TERMITE35 Please Read - Cornwall 2Wks

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    You say you are in Cornwall within the next fortnight?!!

    Where abouts in Cornwall are you staying? Would you like to meet up or have me as your guide for a few hours and show you some of the more beautiful hidden away spots? How about a pub lunch at the Ferryboat Inn down at Helford Passage amongst absolutely stunning scenery and perhaps a bar-b-q on the beach after?

    You decide.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have an excellent time down here.

    Kind regards

    Mark (Celtic)

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Celtic,what a lovely offer,very kind of you ! We'll (tribe and me) be near Falmouth; would say exactly where, but not here...email?you'll probably know the place.I'm down from the thurs to the tues over the BH weekend. Maybe with the 'jw /ex jw /jw.com hating' hubby;in which case I can't, or maybe without, in which case I can.
    The pub lunch and bbq sound perfect,de-stressing seriously needed this end!
    I've GOT to put a face to a name if i'm that close,perhaps suggest a pub/beach/time/day and ,who knows, I may 'meet' a friendly Cornishman anyway!
    Hubby situation rather delicate at present.

  • invisible

    No problems, Falmouth is my home town, it's where I live. Will mail you or alternatively, here's my address: [email protected]

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