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    GOOD MORNING all...CAN NOT WAIT TO put my 40 yrs of JWism to paper...I am excited about the outcome cuz I am definately going to use names...GOT something about the Russelites in the mail the other day and have been reading up on them and find them very interesting Bible Students..SUBJECT #2.DAN HALL scoffed about it (Rusellites) well for me it just makes it all the more interesting 4 me to check into..Subject #3.I can not help chuckle QUEENIE has been deemed on this forum by some a weirdo -- why of course I am a weirdo -- NO one is perfect not even I / JESUS died on the cross for my sins tooooo !!!! Subject #4 Have a good day this being SUNDAY in however U choose to spend it --- I choose to spend it being a weirdo / reading / arts and crafts / watching tv / and an hard-core xJW apostate....ISN"T it wonderful that the USA is such a free country after all..SHALOM and PEACE ((((((HUGS)))))

  • Naeblis

    (edited because noone deserves to be compared to anewperson)


    YOU get through the KILLER Northeast 5.5 QUake Naplois (shit I spell bad) ah no one is perfect honey) OK yesterday???? QUAKES do have a tendency to shake a prson up a little !!!

  • Naeblis

    Actually, I was sleeping when it happened. I DO vaguely remember beign woken up so that may have been it. Don't really remember much though.

  • orangefatcat

    So Queenie what makes you tick???

  • wonderwoman77

    not trying to be rude, but do any of your posts make sense. Maybe you should take an english class before trying to write this book of yours, I mean if you want to get something published it will need to be in coherent sentences. Just a suggestion...

  • sf


    I understand clearly.


  • Shimmer


    Is your CAPS LOCK button POSSESSED? It seems to COME IN and OUT at WILL. With no REAL RHYME or reason. What's the DEAL?


  • Doc_jedd

    .....iTs ThE SMUrfs I tELL yA !!!!!!!!!!!


    YA I could be full of blue smurffffs / demonized --- awful addiction---I can not help laughing at all the fault finders on this forum --- I have an editor MY daughter LISA she is great GOD only knows...JESUS be with you all !!! SHALOM

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