It's the Bible trustworthy word of God?

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  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    I have many doubts about the Bible itself.

    Many, many doubts. When I was JW, I’ve never questioned the Bible firmly believing in their brain washing. I came out from WTS because their lack of strict adherence to the Bible.

    But… when I’ve started to read some more independent materials and started to use my own brain, some serious questions started to puzzle me a lot.

    The biggest problem I have with the Bible is the fact that almost nothing there is written clearly and information’s the Bible contains are interpretable in many different ways. When I’m read reading the debate abut trinity or Jesus is God Jehovah or mere angel or son of God etc, I laugh hard at it, because… these debates are going on for almost 2000 years. The law has to be more specific and from God you would expect something more precise and logical than from the man. In the Bible is opposite. It’s a book full of contradictions, double meanings, and as whole
    Book does not make a sense.

    I have many problems with Jesus prophecies. They are not precise and the destruction of Jerusalem it could be just a fluke. “There will be wars and war news”

    No one news in the Bible suggesting that the writer had any idea about today’s technology. (Compare with Mary Shipton.)

    Also, I have posted few days ago another puzzle here, this time about apostle Peter.
    1. Why his letters were inspired but Gospel was not?
    2. Why his Gospel was not preserved by God as whole Gospel?
    3. It's an evidence that he was cited in past. His witnessing
    would be unreliable and not trust worthy?
    4. That would means that Jesus has chosen wrong man?
    5. Jesus knew abut Judas but, what about Peter?
    Just wonder who can solve that little puzzle.”
    No responses at all.

    It looks to me that some guys while being high on something wrote some come cool stories, others were copying and these ones which we supported by others were included in whole writings and these ones which were conflicting, were rejected.
    The same idea applying to Greek Scriptures. They seem to liked John, Mark, Matthew and Luke but they didn’t Peter, Thomas and perhaps many others so… they didn’t copied them and CC has compiled these texts into one part and… many people are debating about these texts for thousands of years!

    Any Bible defenders here?

    I want to know if I've missed something here. I’m searching for the truth like many others and the longer I’m searching, the worse it gets.

  • Faithful2Jah

    >>>>It’s a book full of contradictions, double meanings, and as whole
    Book does not make a sense.

    >>>>I’m searching for the truth like many others ...

    No you're not. You have already decided that the Bible is not God's word like many others.

  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean


    Nice name. Reflecting perfectly your personality.

    FWIW. I do believe in God. And I think I will always believe in Him.
    Maybe the Bible is just a research of God which I can respect but a claim that the Bible is unmistakable exact word of God himself is as hard to swallow as hard is take the statement form the WTS that they are directed by Holy Spirit.

    Are you declaring yourself ‘faithful’ or… Jah has declared you?

  • Bang

    Why do you have to understand all the Bible?

    Love God and love your neighbour (love God within your fellow man).
    Do the same as the Samaritan.

    You know this is so because the Spirit prompts you and confirms that this is God's will for you. Why would you simply have to know the meaning of all the scriptures? Don't you trust Him, even alone in the world? Do you need proof, seek for a sign?

    You don't have to have more, just as lots of people throughout the world don't, but no one said you can't ask.


  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    "Why do you have to understand all the Bible?"

    Very interesting question.

    I do not understand math’s and many other teachings, books etc. In these cases I have no doubts that math’s were written by experts who do know the subject, which I do not understand and I've learned to trust their opinions and relay on their work and expertise.

    And I don't have to know these things and they are not necessary for me. The very basic understanding is what I really need.

    In case of the Bible, since whole so called Christian world does claim, that the Bible is the word of God and it is vital to know the Bible, I do feel obliged to examine the book and to understand as much as possible. In my 25 years of researching I have many more doubts that I had in the moment I've started.

    In these 25 years there were 20 years in slavery of the WTS.

    “…but no one said you can't ask.”

    Exactly. By asking very provocative questions I can get some interesting answers and that’s way I will understand more.

    So far, deeper I go, worse it gets.

    So far, stronger and stronger grows my understanding that God’s purpose is to… search for an answer and not necessarily find the answer. The Bible is on of many tools in these researchers.


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